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We are very excited to introduce the new MuleSoft Ambassador Cohort of 2022 and welcome the first cohort of MuleSoft Ambassador Alumni. Additionally, we have heard your feedback and have created a clearer path for all MuleSoft Community members to become MuleSoft Ambassadors. 

MuleSoft Ambassadors are the best of the best in the MuleSoft Community. These individuals are active MuleSoft Meetup Leaders or speakers, previous MuleSoft Mentors, and have many years of MuleSoft experience in a variety of roles ranging from developers to architects to IT leads to CTOs. Becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador requires dedication to mentoring others in the MuleSoft Community through writing blogs, creating video tutorials, partaking in speaking engagements, and much more. 

Let’s welcome our 16 newest MuleSoft Ambassadors for 2022! 

New MuleSoft Ambassadors for 2022 

Abhishek Bathwal, Associate Solution Architect at Apisero

Abhishek loves to share his knowledge by writing blogs, hosting MuleSoft Meetups, speaking at MuleSoft Meetups, creating video tutorials, and answering questions on the MuleSoft Forum. He holds three MuleSoft Certifications and is a Meetup Leader in Guwahati and Lucknow

Adam Maguire Wilson, Chief Technology Officer at ThirdEye Consulting

Adam founded the Belfast MuleSoft Meetup, and he is an active participant of most other Meetups in the UK and Ireland, having previously spoken in London, Dublin, and MuleSoft CONNECT. In 2021, Adam became one of the first global MuleSoft Delivery Champions and one of the first MuleSoft Mentors. He is also a MuleSoft Certified Instructor.

Brad Ringer, Principal System Engineer at AT&T

Brad has been part of the MuleSoft community since 2018. He has been part of multiple MuleSoft events: CONNECT as a presenter, and part of the MuleSoft keynote at Dreamforce 2021. He is the leader of the new MuleSoft Meetup group in Seattle, and he has been a MuleSoft Mentor since 2020. As an Ambassador, Brad is excited to coach others in the CMT industry.

Brian Statkevicus, MuleSoft Practice Manager at Big Compass

Brian joined the MuleSoft ecosystem in 2019, and he currently manages a team of 13 MuleSoft experts at Big Compass. He is also a Denver Meetup Leader and avid content contributor. Brian also became a MuleSoft Composer founding member in 2022. 

Diane Kesler, CEO at Integration Quest

In 2019, Diane used the MuleSoft Community to learn from other MuleSoft experts. Now, Diane is a MuleSoft Certified Instructor and mentor to many women in the MuleSoft Community. She loves inspiring people looking to take the next step in their MuleSoft journey. 

Jim Andrews, Principal at Slalom

As a MuleSoft Ambassador, Jim is excited about building new relationships and joining new communities. Jim helped to establish the Houston MuleSoft Meetup group in 2018 to provide a place for the local community to share experiences and foster new relationships. In early 2021, Jim was honored to be part of the first cohort of MuleSoft Mentors. 

Kyle Usher, Enterprise Integration Architecture Leader at Johnson Control

Kyle is a technology leader with over 18 years of experience. Since 2016, he has specialized in the integration domain – primarily leveraging MuleSoft and other integration technologies. Kyle has been a longstanding MuleSoft Community member with experience as a MuleSoft Meetup Leader and Mentor. He was featured at MuleSoft CONNECT: Now in 2021.

Neeraj Kumar, ERP Development and Integration Architect at Casper

Neeraj has over 14 years of experience, with a main area of expertise in integration architecture. He leads the New York City MuleSoft Meetups group and was one the first MuleSoft Mentors. Neeraj is multi-MuleSoft Certified; ​​as a MuleSoft Ambassador, he’s thrilled to help new MuleSoft Community members and industries learn about MuleSoft. 

Nicholas Bowman, Director Consulting Services MuleSoft at Capgemini

Nick has been a part of the MuleSoft Community for a long time, and he is dedicated to mentoring the MuleSoft Community in Australia. Nick was introduced as one of the first MuleSoft Mentors. He is multi-MuleSoft Certified and recently became a Go-to-Market Champion in the Retail industry.

Nisha Sharma, Managing Director – Global MuleSoft Practice at Accenture

Nisha is a Managing Director at Accenture, and she leads the global MuleSoft practice. Additionally, she is a proud sponsor of several diversity and inclusion activities at Accenture. She started working with MuleSoft in 2020 and is passionate about the technology and community – especially the MuleSoft Meetup Women Who Mule, which she launched in 2021. 

Piyush Sharma, Senior Integration Developer at Billennium

Piyush started his MuleSoft journey in 2016. Before becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador, he was a MuleSoft Mentor. Piyush has assisted organizations like Infosys and Unilever by delivering complex integrations with the help of MuleSoft. 

Ravi Tamada, Technical Architect and Manager at Capgemini

Ravi started his MuleSoft Journey in 2014 and provided complex MuleSoft integration solutions to customers. He is among the few who have completed all MuleSoft certifications and the MuleSoft Delivery, Go To Market, and Industry Champion programs. Ravi contributes as a MuleSoft Meetup Leader and was one of the first MuleSoft Mentors.

Sadik Ali, Solution Architect at Kellton Technology

Sadik Ali has been an active MuleSoft Community Leader since 2016, and he has more than 15 years in the integration space. Sadik was selected as one of the first MuleSoft Mentors, and he is an active MuleSoft Meetup Leader. Sadik has enormous experience in delivering full-cycle MuleSoft projects by performing analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment.

Shekh Muenedeen, Solution Architect at Apisero

Shekh started his MuleSoft journey in 2014 using Mule 3.4. He has more than seven years of MuleSoft experience and more than nine years in the integration industry. He’s completed all MuleSoft Certifications and contributes by moderating MuleSoft Forums, writing blogs, and leading MuleSoft Meetups.

Sudhir Kulkarni, Chief Technology Officer at Devoteam

As a MuleSoft CTO and MuleSoft Community Leader, Sudhir is an Industry Champion, Delivery Champion, Go-to-Market Champion, and an Accelerator Champion, showing his commitment to MuleSoft’s capabilities and community. Sudhir actively participates in MuleSoft Meetups and CONNECT events, and he collaborates with community members by answering their forum questions. 

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Current MuleSoft Ambassadors

All these incredible MuleSoft Community members will be joining 22 current MuleSoft Ambassadors who have been long-standing MuleSoft Ambassadors over the past few years. These people are great resources and role models to help you learn more about the MuleSoft Ambassador program

Meet the 2022 MuleSoft Ambassador cohort!

Introducing the MuleSoft Ambassador Alumni program

We are also excited to introduce the MuleSoft Ambassador Alumni program! This program recognizes former MuleSoft Ambassadors who were incredible contributors in the MuleSoft Community. After many years of actively contributing as MuleSoft Ambassadors, we want to thank these individuals for their dedication and congratulate them on “retiring”. 

Meet the MuleSoft Ambassador alumni group!

Start your MuleSoft Ambassador journey today

Becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador is no easy feat, and each of these ambassadors has spent time upskilling their knowledge, contributing high quality content, and coaching hundreds of MuleSoft Community members.

The first step to becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador is to become a MuleSoft Mentor. MuleSoft Mentors are active content contributors who participate in technical and soft skill enablement sessions to prepare them to become MuleSoft Ambassadors in the future. Learn more about the program, and apply or nominate someone today!