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MuleSoft Ambassadors are the ultimate MuleSoft experts. These developers and architects significantly contribute to our vibrant Developer Community and eagerly mentor others on their MuleSoft journey. The MuleSoft Ambassador status is the highest achievement a Community member can attain and requires consistent demonstration of their expertise and engagement in our Developer Community. As such, these developers and architects lead MuleSoft Meetups, write blogs on their own and with MuleSoft, create video tutorials, and many other impactful contributions — with the main goal of mentoring and helping other developers succeed. 

We are excited to announce that we have added 11 new MuleSoft Ambassadors to our program! Each of our new MuleSoft Ambassadors have participated in and impacted the MuleSoft Developer Community in multiple ways. These developers and architects are multi-MuleSoft certified, have spoken at MuleSoft CONNECT, Dreamforce, TrailheadX, countless Meetups, as well as created innovative materials for our Community. Our new cohort includes developers and architects from MuleSoft customers and partners all around the world! This 2020 cohort will join our original 9 MuleSoft Ambassadors, bringing us to 20 in total.

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Below, we introduce our 20 MuleSoft Ambassadors and explain how you can start your own journey to becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador.

Introducing our 2020 MuleSoft Ambassador cohort

Aaron Lieberman, Architect and Cloud Practice Manager at Big Compass

Aaron Lieberman has a diverse integration background and advocates for the sharing of knowledge in the MuleSoft Community, especially through blogs and video tutorials. He created and currently leads the Denver Meetup group and frequently speaks at both the Chicago Meetup and Dallas Meetup groups. Aaron has presented at MuleSoft CONNECT events and has brought developers together from around the world. 

Akshata Sawant, Sr. Consultant at Apisero

Akshata Sawant has been actively involved in the MuleSoft Community for several years and spoke at TrailheadX India in 2019! She is a co-leader of the Mumbai Meetup group and helps hundreds of like-minded developers expand their MuleSoft knowledge. She can always be reached on MuleSoft Developer social groups and the MuleSoft Forum.

Alexandra Martinez, Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits in Glass

Alexandra Martinez is a well-known Meetup leader of the Toronto Meetup group and Global Online Group in Spanish. She also frequently speaks at other virtual Meetups from around the globe and actively helps the MuleSoft Latino workspace. Alexandra can always be found at MuleSoft CONNECT and continuously offers new ideas to the Community through videos, blogs, and participation on the MuleSoft Forum.

Francis Edwards, Integration Analyst & Developer at Saint Gobain

Francis Edwards can be found at virtual Meetups around the globe nearly weekly and leads the West Yorkshire Meetup group. He has multiple MuleSoft Certifications and shares his expertise to the Developer Community through Youtube tutorials and by creating example MuleSoft projects to help other developers solve their integration challenges. Francis has completed all of the MuleSoft training courses! 

Rajesh Kumar, Sr. Integration Analyst at TCS

Rajesh Kumar joined the MuleSoft Community over seven years ago and has continuously led initiatives to help developers along their MuleSoft journey. He leads the Bangalore Meetup and Helsinki Meetup groups. Rajesh is a mentor to both new Community members and experienced MuleSoft developers. He often shares his knowledge on all MuleSoft Developer social channels.

Ruman Khan, Integration Lead at Bank of America

Ruman Khan is a MuleSoft Certified Instructor, which is a rare certification to hold as he is recognized to successfully train others in Anypoint Platform. He has more than five years of MuleSoft experience. Ruman also co-leads the Dallas Meetup group, blogs, and makes Youtube tutorials to help developers start their own MuleSoft journey.

Saiesh Prakash, Sr. Manager – Engineering and Product Management at Coinbase

Saiesh Prakash is an Anypoint Platform expert who even worked at MuleSoft before joining Nvidia, and now Coinbase. He also spoke at TrailheadX in San Francisco and frequents the South Bay Meetup group. Saiesh’s knowledge ranges from building complex integrations to integrating MuleSoft with Salesforce, making him a great resource for MuleSoft Developers working on various projects. 

Sravan Lingam, Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Virtusa 

Sravan Lingam is one of the most active developers on all MuleSoft Developer social groups and the MuleSoft Forum. He is known for his creative tutorials like building your own Tic-Tac-Toe game and leads the Hyderabad Meetup group. Sravan is dedicated to helping developers find the resources and tools they need to be successful using MuleSoft.

Sudeshna Mitra, Technical Architect at Accenture

Sudeshna Mitra has more than five years of MuleSoft experience. She is well known in the MuleSoft Community as a co-leader of the Mumbai Meetup group, active participant on all MuleSoft Developer social channels, and MuleSoft tutorial blogger on DZone. Sudeshna has brought together hundreds of Muleys to connect, learn, and share in the Developer Community!

Veeraragavan Gopalakrishnan, MuleSoft Developer at UCSF

Veeraragavan Gopalakrishnan was one of our Developer Meetup speakers at our MuleSoft CONNECT Digital event in the Americas. He has more than five years of MuleSoft experience and is well-versed in Salesforce and HealthCare technologies. Veeraragavan enjoys mentoring developers new to MuleSoft, especially when it involves DataWeave!

Vikalp Bhalia, MuleSoft Technical Lead at Capgemini

Vikalp Bhalia is an experienced MuleSoft Meetup leader who co-led the Pune Meetup group with Rajesh Kumar, and then took our MuleSoft Community with him when he moved to Vancouver, Canada and revived the Vancouver Meetup group. He is an avid blogger, answers developer questions in an easy-to-understand manner, and encourages the Community to become MuleSoft Certified. 

They’re joining…

Felipe Ocadiz,  IT Integration Engineer at Twitter

Felipe Ocadiz is an Anypoint Platform expert. He holds all MuleSoft Certifications and is eager to mentor others whether it is through the MuleSoft Certification process or helping solve their integration problems, particularly on Twitter. Felipe also speaks at virtual Meetups around the world.

Jason Estevan, MuleSoft Architect and Developer at EsteSolutions

Jason Estevan is skilled at teaching developers how to use MuleSoft. He speaks at Meetups, creates high-quality video tutorials, and frequently shares his tips on MuleSoft Developer channels. Jason is also an Integration Trailblazer and always willing to answer questions.

Joshua Erney, Independent Consultant

Joshua Erney is a DataWeave master! His high quality blog is a popular and great resource for developers using MuleSoft. Joshua is also an Integration Trailblazer and frequently speaks at Meetups, MuleSoft CONNECT, and other MuleSoft / Salesforce events to share his expertise.

Manik Magar, MuleSoft Architect at AVIO Consulting 

Manik Magar can be found in all aspects of the MuleSoft Community. He co-leads our global Online Meetup group in English, speaks at MuleSoft CONNECT events, helps on the MuleSoft Forum, and is always sharing useful resources on MuleSoft Developer socials. Manik is also an Integration Trailblazer and is always there to give a hand to developers using MuleSoft and Salesforce.

Manish Yadav, Sr. Integration Developer at Billenium 

Manish Yadav is active on our MuleSoft Forum as a moderator and is quick to provide help to developers with questions about Anypoint Platform. He is an international Meetup leader, as he leads the Pune Meetup group, the Mumbai Meetup group, and the Kuala Lumpur Meetup group. His goal is to help thousands of developers become proficient in MuleSoft!

Miguel Martinez, Principal Solutions Architect at PhiDimensions

Miguel Martinez is an expert in MuleSoft Integration Architectures and has made it his job (literally) to help others successfully implement Anypoint Platform in their companies. He is an Integration Trailblazer, a Dallas Meetup co-leader, and is always ready to mentor developers looking to start building APIs.

Patryk Bandurski, Sr. Integration Developer at PwC Poland

Patryk Bandurski writes high-quality blogs and leads our Warsaw Meetup group. He has many years of MuleSoft experience and is an Integration Trailblazer as well. Patryk recently shared his MUnit expertise during our first-ever MuleSoft CONNECT Digital in EMEA.

Ryan Andal, Associate Manager – MuleSoft at Capgemini

Ryan Andal is one of our MuleSoft Forum moderators, offering support to our Developer Community. He also created and co-leads our Manila Meetup group that regularly gathers 100+ developers! He also has presented at MuleSoft CONNECT events. Ryan is a great resource for developers looking to expand their MuleSoft knowledge.

Santosh Ojha, Integration Architect at Infosys

Santosh Ojha is a leader of multiple Meetup groups in India: Pune, Varanasi, and Hyderabad. He mentors countless developers in India and our broader MuleSoft Community, including helping two of our newest Ambassadors become Meetup leaders! Santosh recently spoke at our first-ever MuleSoft CONNECT Digital event in APAC.

How can you become a MuleSoft Ambassador?

Reaching the status of MuleSoft Ambassador is no easy feat. Each of these developers and architects are mentors to thousands of MuleSoft Community members. One of the best things about our MuleSoft Ambassadors is that they all began their journey as individual contributors, eager to share their knowledge and gain recognition by their peers as real mentors in the Community. As such, every community member has the opportunity to prove they deserve the MuleSoft Ambassador title!

The 2021 MuleSoft Ambassador cohort will be based on community nominations and a review of the nominees by our current Ambassadors and several MuleSoft team members.

Here are some ways to get started below:

Participate in MuleSoft Meetups: Attending upcoming Meetups whether virtual or in-person,  is the first step. If you have content you think would benefit the Community, apply to be a speaker here! Interested in starting a Meetup group or becoming a leader? Apply here.

Contribute! The best way to spread knowledge is by making contributions to our Community. This could be by writing blogs of your own, creating video tutorials, or sharing example use cases. When you share, be sure to use #MuleSoftDevelopers and post on @MuleSoftDevelopers for a chance to be featured in our quarterly Community Roundup. You can also submit your content here.

Learn more about all of our MuleSoft Ambassadors and when our next nomination period opens on our MuleSoft Ambassador page