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MuleSoft Partner Kickoff recap: Grow your business, influence, and career

Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in for MuleSoft Partner Kickoff 2022! We hope you left the event feeling energized and ready to grow together in 2022 and beyond. If you weren’t able to tune in live, don’t worry – you can view the whole event on our PKO22 Hub now. 

PKO recap 

The focus of this year’s event was showcasing how MuleSoft is investing in accelerating your success as partners. MuleSoft is committed to growing your business, your influence, and your career. Here are some key highlights from the event that you surely don’t want to miss. 

Grow your business

During PKO, we heard from executives across MuleSoft and Salesforce about the key updates we are making that will help you grow your business. 

We discussed the impact your company will see as we strategically grow our total addressable market and move deeper into industry. We also took the feedback we received from our partners to heart and are updating our sales, partnering, and pricing models accordingly.

We also showcased how we are creating innovation and reach for your organization with the combined power of Anypoint Platform, MuleSoft Composer, and RPA – delivering one platform for integration, API management, and automation. 

We added to this by outlining the major growth opportunities you will see with MuleSoft’s increased alignment with Salesforce. For example, 54% of our Salesforce customers plan to buy MuleSoft. That fact alone means major growth opportunities for your business! 

Grow your influence 

You can increase your influence by joining one of the many individual growth-focused programs we featured during PKO. 

Find key content specifically catered to your role and objectives through the new program we announced, PartnerMax! Through PartnerMax, we will deliver programs, content, and enablement specifically for your role in your organization. See our role-based content in the PKO portal

Become a MuleSoft Champion like Sudhir Kulkarni, Chief Technology Officer at Devoteams, who spoke during PKO about his experience as MuleSoft’s first-ever Go-to-Market Champion. 

Our Champions Program provides role-specific opportunities to deepen learnings, refine industry points of view, engage customers, and solve challenges. There are four types of Champions: Industry, GTM, Delivery, and Accelerator – each with their own distinctive role. 

PKO also outlined our MuleSoft Mentor Program, which is designed for technical resources and delivery leaders. As a mentor, you become a leading community contributor by sharing your expertise through blogs, videos, and meetups. You also develop your own skills through 1:1 coaching with MuleSoft Ambassadors.

Grow your career 

As part of our effort to streamline your partner experience, we also announced that we will be launching a new partner portal that creates a gamified, learning experience for all partners, no matter your role!  

With pre-built guided paths designed specifically for your role, we’re taking the guesswork out of how you can grow your career by delivering clearly defined self-guided learning journeys. 

Discover the right courses and certifications for your role and experience level with MuleSoft Training capabilities.

Drive change in the world

PKO is not only about living our shared value of innovation, but also our value of equality. That is why for this year’s PKO, we encouraged our partners to use their influence to support UN Women in their fight for global gender equality.

We hosted a powerful conversation with Anita Bhatia, Assistant Secretary General & Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, on the state of global gender inequality in the world today and how you can be an ally to drive change.  But we didn’t stop there! 

We also took action –  selling t-shirts with a commitment to donate $45,000 to UN Women!  If you haven’t gotten a chance to join us in our fundraising effort, it’s not too late! Buy an equality shirt today – 100% of proceeds go directly to UN Women and the change they are driving around the world. 

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Thank you, partners! 

Partners are at the core of everything we do at MuleSoft. This year, we wanted to spotlight the important ways we are investing in you. Our roadmap and strategy have all been developed with your success in mind. We have, and will continue to expand the ways that we can collaborate and drive innovation together.

Make sure you visit the PKO Hub to catch any information you may have missed on how to maximize your experience with MuleSoft. Also, check out the full list of our Partner of the Year Award winners and connect with these thought leaders on social media. 

We look forward to what we will achieve together this year, so thank you again for your continued support to the MuleSoft ecosystem and community!