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Last month marked the one-year anniversary of when we announced our acquisition by Salesforce. Prior to the acquisition, we were a publicly traded company that reported a $296.5 million year, growing at 58%. The future was bright for MuleSoft as we pursued our vision for delivering application networks to help organizations increase the clock speed of their businesses.

In Salesforce we saw an exceptional strategic fit and an even bigger opportunity: delivering digital transformation to every organization on the planet, much faster than we could on our own. We believed that this could be one of the most game-changing technology acquisitions in history. A year later, we are already seeing the “rocket fuel” from our combination with Salesforce accelerating our business and our customers' success. Like Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block said, “MuleSoft… had an outstanding Q1, capping off a record first year and celebrating its anniversary here as part of Salesforce.”

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MuleSoft is well on its way to our next milestone of $1 billion in revenue. Our explosive growth is fueled by global demand for . Every company is going through massive change and our platform is the engine for digital transformation.

More than any time in my eight years as a Muley, I'm confident that we know where we are, we have a clear vision and roadmap and we know what we need to do to make our vision a reality. As the new CEO of MuleSoft, I could not be more excited for the opportunity to lead this incredible team as we continue to make history on our path to $1 billion. I continue to believe we've navigated to exactly the right place in an industry that's undergoing a massive transformation.

Salesforce and MuleSoft are truly better together. MuleSoft's application network vision and product roadmap have been accelerated by the acquisition, with Salesforce committed to keeping Anypoint Platform open and independent. Our engineering, product, marketing, and customer-facing functions will continue operating as we do today, operating independently as a business unit within Salesforce, while also leveraging the massive customer-facing capabilities of Salesforce to best serve our customers.

MuleSoft delivers one of the highest leverage capabilities in the market — helping organizations change their clock speed. We enable organizations across all industries – retailers, hospitals, manufacturers, universities, and even government agencies – to serve their customers, patients, students, and constituencies, better.

In healthcare, we are helping hospitals deliver better patient outcomes by connecting disparate sources of data so healthcare providers and patients have critical medical information at their fingertips. In education, we are changing the student experience by integrating data to create personalized experiences at every touchpoint. With government agencies, we are vastly improving the citizen experience by speeding the delivery of critical community services.

IT organizations are desperately struggling to keep up with all the demands and exciting opportunities to transform their organizations. Layer on top of this the scarcity of IT professionals in today's economy and we have the perfect storm for MuleSoft. With the #1 integration and API platform, the most talented team in the industry, incredible resources as a part of Salesforce, and the most energized and capable ecosystem of partners, we are uniquely positioned to solve this massive problem and make a huge impact in the world. This is truly a defining moment for MuleSoft.

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