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At TDX in March 2024, MuleSoft announced an open beta for two hotly-anticipated features for Anypoint Monitoring, Distributed Tracing and Telemetry Exporter.

  • Distributed Tracing is the ability to append a trace header to every request that moves across your application network
  • Telemetry Exporter is a service based on the OpenTelemetry standard that makes it easy to export real time telemetry data to your wider observability ecosystem

The caveat for this beta was exclusive availability on CloudHub 2.0, with Runtime Fabric (RTF) to be announced at a later date. That later date has now arrived, and we’re excited to announce that Telemetry Exporter for RTF is now generally available!

As application networks continue to expand in both scope and complexity, the need for comprehensive monitoring and observability tooling has never been greater. At MuleSoft, we understand that our customers want the best of both worlds i.e. insightful and extensive analytics in-app that cover the entire integration lifecycle, while also having easy access to extensibility tools which allow the easy export of critical monitoring data into existing observability stacks. 

For our customers on RTF, the importance of this requirement is felt especially so; with containers spread across different cloud platforms and environments, access to a holistic set of monitoring data makes it that much easier to maintain reliable IT infrastructure that can deliver consistent and secure experiences. 

MuleSoft offers a variety of powerful observability analytics and tools, of which trace data and our Telemetry Exporter are just the latest enhancements. 

Configuring Telemetry Exporter is a one-time operation that, once executed, allows near real time export of trace data to specified third party endpoints. It’s based on the OpenTelemetry standard which means creating connections with the most popular third party applications in the observability market – including the likes of Splunk, Datadog and Dynatrace – is incredibly straightforward. 

This release marks a major advancement for MuleSoft clients and partners, providing IT departments the capability to link their RTF deployments to their chosen monitoring and observability services. With a consolidated monitoring infrastructure grounded in the standards and advancements introduced by Open Telemetry, our goal is to enable our users to improve their application performance, accelerate problem resolution, and refine operational efficiency.

To dive deeper into MuleSoft’s monitoring capabilities in a more holistic sense, watch our community session, “Monitor your Mule! Monitoring and Observability in MuleSoft” for even more exploration.

Note: Telemetry Exporter and Distributed Tracing are only available for Mule Runtime 4.6 and above. To get started, read our comprehensive best practices guide for upgrading to Mule 4.6.