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The number of technologies enterprise IT teams are expected to manage continues to grow. And as these organizations scale, it can become increasingly challenging to keep tabs on the health of such a broad technology stack.  

Centralized, general purpose monitoring tools are becoming commonplace to address this reality. Getting data into these tools can present a hurdle, though; that’s why MuleSoft is excited to announce the release of Telemetry Exporter, part of Anypoint Monitoring

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Telemetry Exporter was designed to assist our customers and partners in integrating their preferred monitoring and observability providers with MuleSoft products and services. Built on the CNCF Open Telemetry standard, our aim is to provide deeper insights into the execution of applications and APIs via tracing and allow developers to access monitoring and observability data from MuleSoft products and services via their third-party ecosystem.  

How does Telemetry Exporter from Anypoint Platform work?

With this launch, our goal is to create a centralized configuration for access to real-time telemetry data from across MuleSoft that’s accessible by your third-party observability tools. 

To achieve this in Anypoint Platform, you’ll first need to enable tracing for your MuleSoft applications and then create a connection for third-party services based on the Open Telemetry standard. You’ll then need to create a configuration that defines how the export will be exported via the connection. 

As it stands, this feature will be only available for users who have their applications deployed via CloudHub 2.0. 

Monitoring and observability with MuleSoft 

Telemetry Exporter represents a significant step forward for MuleSoft customers and partners, affording the ability for IT teams to connect Anypoint Platform request traces with their preferred monitoring and observability providers. 

By offering a unified monitoring framework, built on the standards and innovations offered by Open Telemetry, we want to empower our customers to enhance their application performance, diagnose issues faster, and optimize their operations.