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MuleSoft is proud to stand with our customers and partners as we work together to navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19. In the spirit of collaboration, we invited members of our partner ecosystem to share how they and their customers are leading through change.


Savannah Williamson, Head of Marketing

At Apisero, we know many businesses are facing unexpected challenges due to COVID-19. As the MuleSoft community adapts to a rapidly evolving digital landscape, we’re stepping up our efforts to enable organizations to build and maintain the stable environments they need to drive mission-critical innovation. From now until May 31st, 2020, Apisero is offering MuleThrive — our custom MuleSoft Application Development and Support Program — free of charge for six months to eligible MuleSoft customers. This no-contract, no-fee program is meant to enable the MuleSoft community to support business continuity, increase development velocity, and maintain platform stability.

We’re also lending a hand to those on the front lines by printing 3D face shields used to provide appropriate PPE to healthcare professionals as they work tirelessly to combat the spread of this disease. Using an open-source template that you can download, our team has produced and donated several hundred face shields to support local hospitals and other medical facilities.

Our efforts are only a fraction of what the incredible MuleSoft community is doing to give back during this unprecedented time — and together — we can make a difference.

Bluewolf, an IBM Company

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Al Jenkins, Global Leader Bluewolf

Now more than ever, our global community is coming together to face the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses across the world are experiencing unprecedented conditions that have completely shifted traditional models of supply and demand. Our CMO, Corinne Sklar, recently wrote a blog sharing insights on how and where companies can focus to deliver customers engagement, even during this difficult time.

In her post she writes: “No one has a silver bullet right now. The most important focal point for every business is people. And the most important tool we have to cater to their needs unlocking trust and loyalty is empathy. Listen to your employees and customers and learn how their needs have changed. Activating those insights with the digital tools you have available can exponentially improve efficiency, availability, and scale in trying times.” I could not agree more.

In the face of uncertainty, IBM Services and Bluewolf remain committed to developing solutions tailored to the acute needs of our clients. With this in mind, we developed solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our Salesforce customers, employees, and businesses, including healthcare management and ways to improve contact center case scalability and routing.


Suyash Awasthi, Global MuleSoft Practice Lead

Our Appirio family wishes you well and hopes you and your family are safe and healthy. Like so many, we wake up every morning focused on how we can help our community manage through this crisis.

Appirio led the charge to develop a Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) online loan application (a part of the CARES act). Developed for one of the top 10 largest banks in North America, this program was launched to provide small businesses with the necessary funds to retain their employees, keeping them on the payroll through the worst of the shutdown. With a team of 40 people across Appirio, Wipro, Salesforce, and the bank, our client rolled out a fully operational digital loan application solution over the course of a weekend, starting with a request on a Friday afternoon to a go-live first thing Monday morning. This bank became one of the first to accept PPP loan applications online.

On its first day live, approximately 24,000 PPP loan applications were submitted, providing $5.8 billion in loans to small businesses. By day five of the program, approximately 98,000 applications were submitted for a total loan amount of approximately $10 billion. The speed of go-live was a critical lifeline to our country’s small businesses, who were the primary intended recipients of the funds. 82% of the loan applicants approved by this major bank during week one of the PPP-funded distribution were for companies with 25 or fewer employees. As a next step, Appirio is now working with this bank to integrate the functions and processes to service the loans with MuleSoft as the integration platform.


Anjella Crowe, Director, Partner Management

Outside of partnering with Salesforce on its Rapid Care Response solution that was offered free to the market, Silverline worked with many of its existing customers to adapt and evolve their current implementation to meet COVID-19 needs. Matt Gretczko, our SVP and GM of Healthcare said, “While COVID-19 is a tragic pandemic that has stressed even the most prepared cities and healthcare organizations, it also highlighted the value of investing in agile technology platforms. Silverline has many customers in NYC and it allowed us to support them by rapidly creating patient access applications to handle high inbound call volume and triage, establishing new channels for patient information — chat and communities — while expanding on existing engagement capabilities in email and text to drive consistent, clear, and validated information along with greater access to necessary services.”

Within financial services, we’re supporting clients contending with new, urgent challenges brought on by the pandemic. “Our first area of focus was to help financial institutions deal with the uptick in customer service requests at the same time branches, offices, and service centers were closing,” said Fred Cadena, our VP of Financial Services. “We developed a customer Salesforce Community solution that allowed our clients to support high volumes of service requests from multiple channels, hardship applications, and new loan applications within two weeks.”


Mark Janzen, MuleSoft Leader, Slalom

Healthcare providers and biotechnology companies are on the front lines of the pandemic, protecting our communities from the spread of the virus, maximizing safe and efficient operations to test and treat patients, and enhancing the patient experience. Slalom is proud to partner with healthcare and life sciences clients to provide support to the organizations caring for our communities. Solutions that we have developed include a provider call center triage and patient management solution, as well as a triage and bed management solution to improve care for those who are vulnerable.

Local, state, and federal agencies are working around the clock to protect their communities. To help these organizations, Slalom has developed a chatbot solution to enable fast communication with citizens as well as a loan processing solution to reduce processing time from 30 days to 24 hours and move $350B+ into the hands of small businesses faster. We have also created a portal for Slalom’s latest COVID-19 related insights and resources, for our clients, and communities.


Caitlin Koenig, Marketing

In response to COVID-19, we are working with our customers to lead through change, addressing their unique challenges, such as loan processing, digital marketing to remote workforces, and healthcare. We are committed to sharing IP in our blog with how companies can respond to current challenges.

To go into greater depth about loan processing, many banks find it challenging to capture and process loan applications that have been submitted in response to the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). We learned that some banks missed out on the first round of PPP because they didn’t have a portal up and running to accept borrower applications. That’s a significant loss, considering that banks receive commission from the government for every loan that is processed. For many banks, we know that rapidly deployed, high-quality solutions can enhance the experiences small business owners have with their banks. We have worked with trailblazing customers to develop solutions to remedy the challenges banks are facing.


Kapil Goel, AVP-Group Practice Engagement Manager

On March 30, Infosys announced it was dedicating $14m (INR 100 crore) to relief efforts through the Infosys Foundation. Money from this donation goes to the PM CARES Fund, to enhance hospital capacity and provide treatment, ventilators, testing kits, and protective gear for frontline health workers. Infosys Foundation USA has opened Pathfinders Online Institute, its online learning platform for teachers, school children, and their families so they can access high-quality computer science content from home for free.

Helping companies with their business continuity plans continues to be a top priority. With lockdowns effective in several parts of the world, we have worked with companies to support a shift from office-based employees to fully remote employees. At Infosys itself, 93% of the global workforce is now working from home. Small teams of mission-critical frontline personnel continue to work out of the company’s workplaces to deliver on specific business continuity plans for clients. With this move to home working, we recognize that there will be a greater focus on equipping workforces for collaboration at scale, and the resulting need for stronger infrastructure, greater data, robust cybersecurity, intelligent automation, and cloud capabilities. We look forward to partnering with our customers as they lead through change on these critical concerns.

MuleSoft stands committed to helping organizations ensure business continuity, unlock new ways of working, and use technology to transform. Brent Hayward, SVP of Channels and Alliances, responded to our partners’ questions amid COVID-19. For further blogs and tips on how to lead through change, check out the MuleSoft COVID-19 resource center.