Pattern-Based Configuration: Hello Simple Service!

September 28 2010


As announced before, Mule 3 will offer pattern-based configuration artifacts that will allow you to perform common configuration tasks with the least amount of XML. This first post opens the series where each of these patterns will be introduced.

The first configuration pattern we’d like to present is called: Simple Service. Its goal is as simple as its name suggests: provide a simple way to expose request-response services.

Sweet XML: How pattern-based configuration will sugarize your Mule


Configuring Mule involves XML, and though using a decent XML editor can help a lot (thanks to the contextual help it provides from Mule’s schemas), there is still a enough angle brackets to warrant a coffee break as projects get more complicated.

As the number of services in a Mule project increases, so does the amount of noise in its configuration files, making it harder to understand and maintain them. We recommend splitting service configuration files,