Sweet & Simple: Using SOQL Relationship Queries with Salesforce.com Connector


The best things in life are often sweet and simple. However, “S & S” is an easy concept to understand and appreciate but often hard to implement. For example, a sweet and simple way to attract traffic to our blog would be to show women in bikinis playing with cats. In reality that is rather hard to pull off for a technical site. There simply is no budget to publish anything like “API Illustrated,

OAuth 2 just got a bit easier


Ever since Devkit made its first entry into the Mule family, a big variety of OAuth enabled Cloud Connectors were made available. Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Google Apps suite are just some examples of the APIs we’ve connected to using that support.

When we started thinking about the August 2013 release we decided to take it one step forward and make it easier than ever.

Best Practices for Loading Data into Salesforce.com


Calling all Salesforce.com users! Looking for a fast and easy way to move data in and out of Salesforce.com? Look no further – follow these best practices from the dataloader.io community to quickly become a data loading pro:

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Love your dataloader even more – New Dataloader.io October Release

October 24 2012


I’m very excited to announce that the October release of Dataloader.io is now available! It includes many  new features,  UI enhancements and bug fixes, which we hope it’ll make you love your data loader even more.

Dataloader.io is No.1 on the SalesForce.com AppExchange!


We are on a mission to simplify integration at every level, whether that be large scale service orientation, legacy integration, SaaS automation, mobility enablement or even data loading.  For those not familiar with dataloader.io, its a cloud service offered by MuleSoft that allows SalesForce users to upload, download and delete data.  This is an important task, before any SaaS application is useful you need to load data into it.

What and How of Real-time APIs and Streaming


Myself and Dave recently spoke a different events about Real-time APIs and use cases.  Folks have been asking for the slides and video, so here they are!

Real-time APIs: Don’t call us, we’ll call you

The number of real-time APIs on the Web are rising. What the heck are real-time APIs, how are they used? How are they built? This deck and demo was presented at CloudMafia in San Francisco.

Upload your Salesforce.com attachments to Box using Mule Studio


SOAP, JMS, Restful, SFTP… Sometimes your integration just comes to the point in which you need to be able to download a file from your browser. From Ubuntu One all the way to Dropbox and Google Drive, the number of file storage services on the cloud just keeps climbing. One that is particularly gaining a lot of momentum and putting a lot of effort on cloud to cloud integration is Box,

Integrating Salesforce in 30 minutes – all demo, no slides


With Mule Studio DataMapper, Cloud Connectors, new management functions and so much more, developing with Mule was made significantly simpler in the latest release.  Join Albin Kjellin, MuleSoft Enterprise Architect, for a walkthrough of the new Mule in action.

This is a live action webinar: all demos, no slides.

See us at Dreamforce: Cloud Connector for Salesforce.com Streaming API

August 28 2011


If you are looking to integrate with Salesforce.com in real-time, MuleSoft has the solution for you! We have been working with the Salesforce product team over the past 6 months to build and test the Cloud Connector for the Salesforce Streaming API.

For those of you who will be at Dreamforce, we will be showing the Cloud Connector in action:

Getting Started with the Force.com Streaming API

Announcing Mule iON iPaaS