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When anyone shows interest in our technology we want to engage with them as soon as possible. We are excited about what we build with at MuleSoft and any opportunity to share that excitement with someone is a big deal.

One day we were hanging out with some fellow Muleys from the Sales Development and Marketing teams and they were talking about how great it would be to receive a notification in Slack whenever a new lead has come in – and to have that Slack message go directly to the right person and include a link to the opportunity in Salesforce. Citing data analysis done by Lead Response Management, they explained that the time it takes to contact someone who reaches out to you greatly impacts the possibility of connecting or qualifying the sale. They said, “The odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drops 100 times. The odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times.”  There is obviously some serious business value to this idea.

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We all got excited about this and decided to build a solution. We already use Slack for relevant human to human communication (thus we are engaged with one another in the tool already), so the idea of adding relevant data from our business systems into the mix was really exciting and we jumped on the project. We also have the tools within our platform to make this happen quickly.

Salesforce has queries to help us identify when an object has changed (i.e. PushTopic on the Lead object) and Slack provides the APIs to send messages to specific people. Anypoint provides us with the tools we need to build a working version in less than a day. Working directly with excited Muleys in our Marketing and Account Development teams to get to quick results that lined up with their goals.

Anypoint made it possible for us to create (using Anypoint Studio) and deliver (using Cloudhub) a solution to our internal teams where they were able to be a direct part of the process, working closely with IT to get a win in record time that produces great benefit. Anypoint delivering real-time relevant information to the right people using familiar tools. This solution has made it possible to be as responsive to relevant changes in business data as we are to each other – we can know that a change has happened and the right person is notified.

Tomorrow, Paul Henry from my team will talk about the technical implementation of the solution. Stay tuned!