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At MuleSoft we truly believe in the power of RAML as a contract for APIs. RAML allows teams to quickly and easily define, build and collaborate on APIs. Our Anypoint Platform for APIs is built from the ground up to easily manage RAML based APIs by providing a simple RAML API proxy as well as an easy to use RAML API Console.

Now, we’re excited to see that the ecosystem for RAML-based tools continues to grow. API Science has launched a RAML import feature for their API monitoring service. This new feature allows users to import a RAML from either a URL, file or YAML and then monitor for uptime and performance over time.

raml import 1
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For Anypoint Platform APIs you can import a RAML in two ways. First, you can export the RAML file(s) directly from the API Designer and then import them to API Science. Second, you can use the RAML link displayed at the bottom of the API Console as shown below.

raml import 2

Once the RAML has been imported to API Science, users will recognize the standard RAML API Console for trying the API. What’s new, however, is the ability to monitor individual resources and methods. As shown below you can monitor the GET method on this specific resource of an API.

raml import 3

Once a monitor is setup, API Science will watch that API from monitoring stations around the world. This gives you powerful tools including an API health dashboard, API-aware validations, scriptable multi-step monitors, and a an alert rules engine so that you know before your customers do if anything goes wrong with your APIs or the APIs you rely on.

raml import 4

This is another great example of how RAML provides a simple and succinct way of building & managing great APIs. Not only is it easy to build and manage these APIs with the Anypoint Platform for APIs it is now just as easy to monitor those APIs once they’ve been deployed using API Science.

To get started managing your APIs you can visit To learn more about API Science or RAML you can visit them at or