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We are very happy today to unveil today not one, but two major updates across the MuleSoft experience: 1.) our brand new documentation platform, and 2.) a totally revamped developer forum.

A brand new doc platform

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You can have the greatest technology in the world, but it means nothing if you don't have fast, intuitive, and eminently searchable documentation by its side. When you couple those two things together, you get something that's way better than the sum of its parts, a force to be reckoned with, much like Jay-Z and Beyoncé. And as they eloquently put it in their celebrated 2007 duet, when it came to documentation we felt it was time to upgrade you.

Here's a preview of what you'll find with our new docs:

  • Speed: Need answers now? Each page is static, so they load faster than it took to read this sentence.
  • Search: Looking for something specific across thousands of topics? Search has been integrated into every page, providing you with immediate suggestions and curated results that will continually improve.
  • Community contributions: With our built-in GitHub , we've made it a cinch for you to add or suggest changes, directly within our docs. Simply click “Edit on GitHub” on any topic to make a contribution.
  • Custom platform: In rebuilding our docs, we did look at many vendors, but decided to eschew them in favor of building something entirely novel on GitHub and the open source Asciidoctor format. The result: beautifully rendered docs that load incredibly fast.

For more information on our new docs and why they rock, stay tuned for a deep dive from our documentation team. In the meantime, visit

A re-engineered forum

In the same vein, we're stoked to present you with a completely redesigned forum. Built on AnswerHub, and completely re-designed from the ground-up by our team, we tried to make it easier than ever for you to find the information you want, collaborate with others, and share your knowledge.

  • New UI with improved search: Finding topics, asking questions and finding pertinent answers has never been easier
  • Shared Content: You can now share your content (blog posts, slide decks, videos) with the rest of the community.
  • Karma & Gamification points: The more you engage and share helpful answers, the higher your reputation within the community.
  • Integration with the Champions Program: If you're a MuleSoft Champion program member your activity and yes, your badges, will be visible alongside your profile.

For more information on our new forum, go check it out at

We hope you enjoy kicking the tires on both of these new tools and would love to get your feedback and/or questions at Between these two releases and our brand new blog and developer website updates earlier this summer, we look forward to blazing new trails with you.