APIs for all! – Top Integration and API Articles of the Week

March 7 2014

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Here’s our weekly roundup of the top 5 integration and API articles of the week.  Take a look, let us know if we missed any, and share your thoughts in the comments.  Don’t forget to follow @MuleSoft to stay up-to-date on integration & APIs!

APIs Are Bridging the Mobile App Gap

Mobile is the beginning of an entire new generation of businesses built around the customer, and the fuel of the next generation is the API.


The Internet Of Things: The Real Money Is The Internet, Not The Things

The Internet of Things is exploding, but the real opportunity is building pan-device business services.


APIs Are Just Developer User Experiences

In a panel hosted by ProgrammableWeb, API thought leaders discuss API design, SDKs versus APIs, and the challenge of API versioning.


This Simple Data-Scraping Tool Could Change How Apps Are Made

While turning a website into an API is a very powerful thing, turning anything into an API is beyond powerful.


Why Every Business Is An API Business

As all devices become more intelligent and connected, there’s a wave of consumer-driven APIs changing how we interact with everything.

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