Anypoint Platform and G-Cloud 10


Earlier this year, we announced the development of a FedRAMP In Process implementation of Anypoint Platform––our investment in meeting the security and quality standards outlined by the US Federal Government. This month, we are excited to announce that MuleSoft is officially available on the UK government’s G-Cloud 10 framework, which aims to streamline the procurement of IT and cloud technologies for public sector bodies.

Across government entities, there’s a great need for integration, especially cloud-based integration. In the UK, the Ministry of Defense, for example, spent 5.93 million euros on cloud computing technologies between 2016-2017. This represents a major increase from the previous year, where the agency spent a little over 1 million euros.

The cloud imperative in government

This increase in spending reflects the government’s focus on cloud technologies, and rightfully so. In our latest Connectivity Consumer Insights Report, we surveyed over 8,000 consumers across the world. We found that, from an industry perspective, over half of consumers (66%) believe government services provide the most disconnected digital experiences. Further, of those consumers that used an online government service in the last 12 months, more than a quarter (27%) said they had a negative experience.

For many government departments, these disconnected digital experiences arise due to the lack of integration––a bottleneck that hinders departments from realizing the benefits of migrating to the cloud. In this case, although some government departments are moving to the cloud, they still have legacy and on-premise investments that hold important data.

As a result, IT teams at those departments must provision and maintain that infrastructure and, most importantly, integrate the infrastructure to cloud technologies when necessary.

MuleSoft’s commitment to G-Cloud 10

As UK government departments continue to accelerate their adoption of cloud technologies, an important need arises: a cloud-friendly integration strategy. Using Anypoint Platform, which is now available on G-Cloud 10, UK government departments can have a cloud-friendly integration technology that enables them to more quickly and securely migrate to the cloud.

To learn more, visit our government solutions page and check out our Consumer Connectivity Insights Report.


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