Config file wizard

January 12 2009


Creating new Mule configurations can be a tedious task, because you have to know which modules and transports to use and properly declare all namespaces on the root <mule> element of your configuration file.

The latest Mule IDE snapshot adds a wizard for creating a new Mule configuration. Simply choose File > New > Other, and then select Mule Configuration from the Mule category. This will bring up the following wizard:

Simply select the modules and transports you want in your new configuration and click Finish.

Mule IDE “Christmas” snapshot release

December 23 2008


I was able to squash some bugs on the IDE since the last snapshot release.

The first bug was related to creating new projects with a non-default Mule distribution. If you have more than one Mule distribution registered in our Mule IDE preferences, you can choose the runtime to use when creating a new project and the project will refer to the proper jars.

Preview release of Mule IDE

December 4 2008

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A bit of history
We created Mule IDE to ease the work when developing with Mule. Along with the work on Mule 2.0 we started work on an updated version of the IDE that would allow you to graphically design Mule configurations. This turned out to be by far more work than initially expected so we decided to rescope the work. Right now we focus on the little helpers that make developing with Mule easy and cut out the graphical editor for now.

JUGs around the globe

November 26 2008


Over the past few months the momentum and activity from the community around Mule has been truly astounding.  As you may have seen in the newsletter Ross recently sent out, we’re continuing to update our community site to highlight some of the great things you have been doing.  We’re also starting to get more involved with local JUGs and mixers around the globe so that we can learn from you and share roadmap and product updates before they go prime time.

The Write Stuff

November 13 2008


You may have noticed a lot of changes to the MuleSource documentation wiki lately. With the help of all of our great developers, I’ve been slowly updating the pages, validating content, updating outdated information, and restructuring. We’ve also added a lot of new content to the Getting Started guide and set up navigation so that it flows like a book, making it easier for new users to get up and running.

Upcoming Webinar on Managing Performance Using MuleHQ

November 11 2008


On November 18, 2008 at 9:00 AM PST (15:00 GMT) Wey Cheng and I will be presenting a webinar on Using MuleHQ to Manage Performance. You can register for the webinar here. Wey and I have been preparing an example to demonstrate typical read-world application performance issues and how to use MuleHQ to troubleshoot and resolve them. The webinar will focus on a live demo running a Mule application under load, observing some performance degradation,