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If you missed last week’s webinar on Scalable SOA with GigaSpaces and Mule, you can catch it again in the archives. Uri Cohen from GigaSpaces did an excellent job demonstrating how easy it is to take services developed using Mule and make them highly-available and linearly scalable.

The demo application shown is also available. Download it and try it out. It shows how integrate GigaSpaces & Mule using an AJAX based web front end. You should have the following installed on your machine for the demo to work properly:

  • Mule 2.1.2
  • GigaSpaces XAP7.0m4 (early access)
  • Spring framework 2.5.6 or higher
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You can also learn more about the integration in the GigaSpaces documentation or by contacting MuleSource.