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It’s been a wild year for us at MuleSoft — and together with Salesforce — we’re closing out the year with a first all-remote Dreamforce, delivered directly to you! It’s been inspiring to see stories like Bentley Motors and AT&T on how they’ve created truly connected customer experiences. And, at the core of these Trailblazer stories is how MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform provides universal connectivity — the ability to connect to any system, anywhere.

We are excited to announce 11 new connectors to close out 2020 — enabling our customers to integrate data from a number of new systems and technologies. Anypoint Connectors provide the easiest way to integrate and connect to any system, including commonly used SaaS applications like SAP and Salesforce, to databases supporting open standards like ODBC or JDBC. This drastically reduces the development and operational time of building and managing integrations. 

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Below are 11 new connectors that you can now leverage with Anypoint Platform:

1. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Connector

Implement streaming architectures within AWS for common use cases such as anomaly detection, real-time analytics, and mobile data capture. Collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. Send data at high scale from hundreds of thousands of sources, into other Amazon services, such as S3, Lambda, and Redshift, as well as into other popular applications such as MongoDB and Tableau. 

Visit the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Connector to learn more.

2. Automation Anywhere RPA Bots Connector: 

Call robotic process automation (RPA) bots to access systems that lack APIs and automate processes such as front- and back-office manual data entry or operations across contact centers, sales, accounting and human resources. Automation Anywhere is simple — and powerful — for automating any business process.

Visit the Automation Anywhere RPA Bots Connector to learn more.

3. Azure Data Lake Storage Connector: 

Automate common business operations by integrating Azure Data Lake Storage with other business applications, such as data warehouses or business intelligence apps. Execute on popular analytics use cases like combining data from log files, enterprise queues, databases, or social media streams. Then analyze and visualize the information with a business intelligence tool, such as Tableau.

Visit the Azure Data Lake Storage Connector to learn more.

4. Bridge Connector

Send and receive patient demographic information from your EHR or other digital health solution through the two new Bridge Connector APIs.Bridge Connector provides a full-service integration solution specifically designed for solving business and interoperability problems in healthcare by connecting to some of the largest vendors in the industry.

Visit the Bridge Connector APIs to learn more.

5. Glynt.AI Connector

Transform documents into new streams of data by capturing key-value pairs from loosely structured documents such as invoices, forms, lab tests, insurance claims, titles, bank statements and more.

Visit the Glynt.AI Connector to learn more.

6. JIRA Connector: 

Manage work easier by integrating JIRA with existing SaaS and on-premises applications quickly and easily. Connect your application to JIRA to perform operations associated with agile software development processes such as defining requirements and test case management.

Visit the JIRA Connector to learn more.

7. MongoDB Connector: 

A major update to an existing connector, we’ve added support for MongoDB Atlas, the fully-managed, global cloud database service across AWS, Azure, or GCP provided by MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database.

Visit the MongoDB Connector to learn more.

8. Oracle HCM Cloud Connector: 

Connect and integrate Oracle Cloud HCM with other enterprise systems to share data easily, faster, and at a lower cost. Eliminate the manual configuration effort and management of individual Oracle HCM service endpoints, streamlining the integration approach with standardization.

Visit the Oracle HCM Cloud Connector to learn more.

9. Redox Connector: 

Connect a client’s EHR system to any downstream application using Redox data models, including but not limited to Salesforce Health Cloud. Avoid the pain of maintaining HL7 or FHIR listeners with a fully managed EHR integration solution by Redox.

Visit the Redox Connector to learn more.

10. Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Data Connector: 

Access Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Data to quickly integrate back-end external systems like order management systems (OMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and product information management (PIM). 

Visit the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Data Connector to learn more.

11. WireWheel Connector: 

Manage customer privacy (DSAR) requests and meet CCPA or GDPR requirements by connecting back-office and customer systems to the WireWheel Privacy Complete platform. Automate privacy assessments by kicking off workflows based on configurable business rules.

Visit the WireWheel Connector to learn more.

Additional connector enhancements

To improve the functionality and ease of use for our existing connectors, we’ve added additional features to a number of our connectors. Read below for details:

  • Amazon SQS Connector: Send and receive messages with larger payloads up to 2GB.
  • Salesforce Connector: Added Mule Migration Assistant (MMA) support for upgrading the Salesforce Connector in Mule 3 projects.
  • Redis Connector: Added support for Redis Sentinel to enable use of Redis in a high-availability configuration alongside Anypoint Platform.
  • Workday Connector: Added support for Workday Moments to create personalized experiences that guide workers through critical moments and transitions, such as onboarding or becoming a manager.

What else can we connect to?

Search for our Connectors on Anypoint Exchange and get started today with a free trial of Anypoint Platform.