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Reopening the workplace to stabilize and grow

As we start to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, businesses and communities of all sizes are starting to look toward the next phase: reopening and getting back to work. To help businesses reopen the workplace safely, Salesforce launched, a set of pre-built applications, templates, and solutions built on Salesforce. helps manage the day-to-day logistics of returning to work, including critical processes such as managing work shifts to maintain social distancing or facilitating employee wellness checks. As many critical processes require integration of external data, MuleSoft and Salesforce have launched the MuleSoft Accelerator for So let’s take a look at what this new Accelerator offers.

Jumpstart integration of Workday employee data in

The new MuleSoft Accelerator for unleashes the power of with employee data from Workday. The Accelerator provides pre-built connectors, integration templates, and data mappings to help you quickly and easily integrate Workday data in products like the Workplace Command Center, Contact Tracing, and Shift Management.

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This new MuleSoft and Salesforce solution enables organizations to create a 360-degree view of employees in using Workday data, fast.
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MuleSoft Accelerator for includes:

  • Implementation templates for Employee, Location, and Internal Organization Unit (IOU) data
  • Pre-built connectors (for Salesforce and Workday)

Integration scenarios for Workday to (Salesforce) employee data:

  • Initial bulk upload and/or delta loads of organization data from Workday to (Salesforce).
  • Bulk upload of location data from Workday to (Salesforce).
  • Initial bulk upload and/or delta loads of employee data from Workday to (Salesforce).

The first assets available as part of the Accelerator are integration templates to quickly and easily connect employee or contractor data, location data, and internal organization unit (IOU) data from Workday into These templates enable customers to load data on a scheduled basis from Workday to and can perform the bulk load or to synchronize delta changes.

With the template, after loading the full dataset, a Mule application will retrieve updates (e.g. if an employee joins the company or changes are made to an existing employee) from Workday, then create or update the data in The application ensures that only the recent changes are captured to make sure dataset processing remains efficient and scalable.

The Accelerator defines the methods and data mappings for Workday, but can be reconfigured to map to other HCM (human capital management) solutions, saving substantial time and work. Therefore, MuleSoft customers can integrate employee data from whichever HCM system they use (whether or not its Workday) into

With MuleSoft Accelerator for, integrate employee data quickly to do what matters most — get employees back to work safely.

Interested to find out more? Access the MuleSoft Accelerator for and watch a demo.

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