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How to securely connect patient data to meet urgent care needs

Patient data is at the center of modern healthcare. Whether it’s used for contact tracing, facilitating urgent COVID patient needs, or adhering to new interoperability requirements — access to patient data is critical to provide proper care. The electronic sharing of patient data allows healthcare organizations to see the complete picture of each patient’s health, leading to more precise treatment regimens and better outcomes.

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Many providers and organizations lack the ability to easily and securely unlock the key data necessary to implement solutions to combat this crisis. More than half of health systems today cannot leverage their patient’s data from other sites of care due to integration challenges with their EHR systems. 

Jumpstart your healthcare integration journey

To combat these integration challenges, MuleSoft is unveiling our new Accelerator for Healthcare — a set of tested, pre-built APIs, integration templates, and best practices to help developers simplify complex integration needs and accelerate delivery for urgent healthcare projects.

Developed by healthcare specialists across MuleSoft and Salesforce, and validated by customers, the Accelerator for Healthcare supports pre-configured EHR integration for end-to-end connectivity to power Patient 360 in Health Cloud. Providing this data in real-time enables urgent care delivery by accelerating COVID-19 patient intake response times and powering contact tracing initiatives. And with a full library of FHIR R4 resources, its easy for healthcare developers to build the required APIs to adhere to new interoperability requirements, enabling them to drive a truly connected response to this global pandemic.

Which use cases does the solution cover? After interviewing customers, partners, SMEs, and Salesforce product and implementation teams to determine the most common use cases, our first release of the solution focuses on:

  • EHR to Health Cloud for Patient 360: Ability to surface patient demographic, condition, allergy, and observation data — via pre-configured EHR integration — to power Patient 360 in Health Cloud.
  • EHR Connectivity via HL7 V2 or FHIR R4: Ability to unlock EHR data via both traditional HL7 V2 methods for ADT and ORU messages, and via the new FHIR R4 model.
  • FHIR API Specifications for Interoperability Rules: Ability to meet new interoperability regulations with defined FHIR API Specifications to more easily build new FHIR R4 APIs.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare includes:

Use the assets as they are, or extend them to meet your company’s unique needs.

With MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare, delivering a connected healthcare experience is faster and easier than ever before! See the solution in action in our upcoming webinars.

July 8th: Part 1: Achieving Interoperability with MuleSoft
July 15th: Part 2: Digital Health Simplified with Accelerator for Healthcare

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