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We launched the MuleSoft Ideas Portal in early 2017 as a direct channel with our customers to house all incoming enhancement requests. This portal allows customers to submit ideas, view others’ ideas, and vote on the ideas they like. It also provides a view into other requests that are in the implementation pipeline. Since its launch, our customers have added more than 2,000 ideas! And as of today, we’ve delivered more than 160 of those ideas — that’s over 19,000 points — and there are more in the pipeline!  

When you engage in the portal, you’re collaborating with other users and MuleSoft Product Managers — these interactions influence the MuleSoft product roadmap. We always appreciate your engagement and want to share some inside scoop about the Ideas Portal. 

Why should I use the Idea Portal?

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Idea Portal allows all MuleSoft Customers to openly post and share ideas and allows Product Managers to source feedback from the entire community—the crowd, allowing a few magical things to happen.

  1. Community members enrich others’ ideas and share use cases.
  2. If an idea is unclear or can be interpreted in multiple ways — community members and MuleSoft product managers seek clarification from the original poster.
  3. An openly posted idea can spark additional ideas from others, which sparks more ideas, and so on. You often end up with a more complete idea from the diverse set of perspectives built upon the original submission.
  4. Community members show their support for an idea by upvoting it. This helps other community members and MuleSoft product managers see which ideas may deliver the most value to the collective community.

Submitting and upvoting ideas

Even if you have discussed your idea with your Customer Success Manager, Support contact or MuleSoft Product Manager, it’s important that all enhancement requests are entered into the Idea Portal, so that the community can build upon the original submission with their scenarios, driving richer solutions. Learn about creating great ideas and upvoting others.

What happens after an idea is submitted?

When an idea is submitted, other customers are now able to view, upvote, comment, and support the idea. The product manager for the appropriate area is also notified to review the new idea and may ask for more use cases or details.  Although the Product team may not comment on all ideas, they are actively engaged in the Ideas Portal and pay particular attention to ideas that are gaining traction with the community and the overall top-voted ideas. 

Our Product Managers indicate where an Idea is in its lifecycle using one of the statuses below.

  • Under point threshold: This idea is new or needs more upvotes. Product Managers review new ideas and monitor them for traction.  
  • Product team review:  This idea has at least 10 upvotes. Look for MuleSoft Product comments or requests for more information. 
  • Under consideration: The product team has sufficient information, sees it as a potential roadmap item, and is still actively collecting information about market demand.  Votes and comments help to solidify the case for this idea. Learn how the Product managers select an idea to be built.
  • Delivered: This idea has been developed and is now generally available.
  • Existing feature: Idea is an existing Anypoint Platform feature.
  • Not planned: Idea will not be pursued at this time.
  • Bug or support issue: Idea should be rerouted to support (performance issues, errors, etc.).

Ready to post an idea? Learn about how to upvote and create an idea, then share your ideas with us on MuleSoft Ideas Portal!

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