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The Idea Portal is an always-on crowdsourcing platform for MuleSoft and one of the key inputs to our roadmap. The Idea Portal is your home base for sharing ideas with the MuleSoft Community and MuleSoft Product Managers. With continuous voting, you get to influence the product roadmap by championing the ideas that matter the most to you.

Share your ideas about how to improve the product with the Community and product managers by adding comments and upvoting existing ideas. Popular ideas that align with the vision for the product may be added to the roadmap. Learn how PMs select which ideas to build. Here are two things you can do to shape the future of MuleSoft’s product offerings.

#1 Upvote ideas

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Search our Ideas Portal for the ideas that matter most to you and add your comments and use cases to help us build richer products. Each customer vote adds 10 points. Alternatively, if you’re opposed to an idea, click Downvote (thumbs down) to deduct 10 points. The more points an idea receives, the more likely a product manager will consider it for inclusion on the roadmap. 

If you don’t see your idea already list it, then add it with a well-crafted post. Check out the Ideas portal and vote!

#2 Create a well-crafted new idea post

 It’s important that all enhancement requests, even those already shared with MuleSoft employees, are entered into the Idea Portal, so that the community can build upon the original submission with their scenarios, driving richer solutions. 

Creating well-crafted ideas will help your idea be found, better understood by the community, spark more discussion, and potentially garner more upvotes. Although it’s tempting to immediately describe the functionality of a new feature or solution, it’s important to step back and describe the objective or problem statement. This often builds empathy and sparks more engagement and conversation from others, and may also elicit solutions from fellow community members or product managers. 

Below are some helpful tips for a great Idea post: 

  • Headline: Grab the community’s attention and differentiate your idea from similar ones, with a headline that is pithy, compelling, and descriptive.
  • Category: Select the write category to ensure community members and the relevant Product Managers find your idea. 
  • Description: Well-formed idea descriptions provide context and bring the objective to life through scenarios and use cases. 
    • Situation: Describe where in the product your suggestion fits and who would benefit from it. For existing features, this could include pain points or the root cause of an issue. We recommend spending a lot of time describing the problem and the pain as clearly as possible. Who does the problem affect? How often does it occur? How painful is it? What alternatives exist and why are they inadequate? 
    • Objective (and impact): Explain the objective of the new or improved feature. Focus on the impact of meeting the objective, rather than propose a solution. 
    • Use case: With the situation and objective in mind, describe at least one of your use cases and the proposed functionality.

If you are unable to post an idea or the use case based on company confidentiality, contact your Customer Success Manager who can share confidential, internal notes about your specific use case with our Product Managers.

Once posted, Ideas are available to the community to upvote and will have a status at a given time. Ready to post an idea? Check out the MuleSoft Ideas Portal to share your ideas with us!

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