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I’m thrilled to announce the availability of in Europe. With this announcement, we’re extending the industry-leading CloudHub platform to address the needs of our European customers with dedicated computing resources located in the European Union.

European companies are adopting the cloud faster than ever — Salesforce recently announced that Europe was their fastest growing region last year. However, one of the primary obstacles to using cloud services in the EU is complying with the EU data protection directive which regulates the processing of personal data. With the availability of in Europe, it’s now significantly easier for European organizations to comply with these regulations by ensuring data never leaves the EU.

Another challenge which European companies are facing is the latency of data travelling back and forth between the US and the EU. With resources located in Europe, companies are able to access data more quickly and publish APIs under a new domain.

Please contact your MuleSoft representative to have the European region enabled for your account today.

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