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.NET Connector

Our January 2015 release of Anypoint Platform brings with it many new updates to power API-led connectivity. For organizations with investments in .NET, we are thrilled to add to the list the 2.0 release of our .NET Connector. The enhanced .NET Connector enables .NET developers to use familiar languages and tools when building applications with Anypoint Platform.

With this connector, you can use Visual Studio and any Common Language Runtime (CLR) language to write code for complex transformation and message enrichment to apply business rules or perform custom message routing logic within a application. You can also reference or reuse existing code including third-party assemblies, and build new libraries of custom codes specifically for your application.

What's new?

  • Connection strategies: Simple and flexible ways to reference the .NET assembly that you want to integrate into your Mule project
  • Anypoint DataMapper: Visually map the structure of your message directly into the properties of .NET objects
  • DataSense: Deep visibility into the types and methods that are available for implication from your Mule flows.
  • Full fidelity: Modify not just the payload from within .NET, but also inspect and send message envelope properties to carry additional context into and out of .NET functions
  • Logger and instrumentation: To help with debugging and performance, you can now log messages directly into Anypoint Studio or Mule ESB server logs from .NET. You can also tap into the Mule ESB tracking system, allowing you to instrument calls into your .NET code.

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To see the new capabilities in action and to learn how to:

  • Reference a .NET assembly from your Mule project
  • Map simple and complex messages into .NET methods
  • Leverage the logger to communicate with Anypoint Studio,
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Check out the full video of the .NET Connector in action »

You can also find relevant documentation and updates on the connector in Anypoint Exchange. Learn more about MuleSoft's integration solutions for .NET