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As part of our Anypoint Platform June 2016 announcement, we are excited to release Anypoint Studio 6.0. We know API development, system orchestration and connectivity are increasingly intertwined tasks. This release is all about unification — with a goal of making our users even more productive in accomplishing these tasks.  Anypoint Studio 6.0 provides everything you need to design and build APIs in a single, powerful and newly redesigned IDE.

All API-related use cases in One single design environment

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As API development becomes a more common task for our users, we have been building out supporting capabilities in Anypoint Platform. In Anypoint Studio 6.0 release, these capabilities have been unified to help users speed development and delivery of quality APIs by working in the context of an API development lifecycle.

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Synchronization between API Designer and Anypoint Studio

To help the API design-to-implementation journey, we have added capabilities to Anypoint Platform that provide a seamless path for roundtripping between Anypoint Studio and Anypoint API Designer, our web-based solution for designing RESTful APIs with RAML.  As an example, users now can import RAML files directly within Anypoint Studio from Anypoint Platform. You can also push, pull, and compare for differences between local file and the one on API Designer. With these additions, you no longer need to switch between two environments when iterating over API designs.

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New project wizard for SOAP and REST, and more to come

APIKit now comes as a default out-of-the-box and fully-integrated component of Anypoint Studio 6.0. Previously, it was released on a different cycle than Anypoint Studio and required separate update management. We’ve removed this friction.  Now, various APIKit extensions are also unified into Anypoint Studio’s enhanced user experience. For example, we have recently announced the beta release of OData API implementation plugin, and plan to integrate that into the API experience in the next minor release of Anypoint Studio.

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The new project wizard features a unified field for importing RAML or WSDL files, from a local file system, a web url or Anypoint Platform, for REST and SOAP API implementation projects.

And there’s more!

In case you missed it, we’ve also released new capabilities for monitoring and managing Anypoint Platform. And stay tuned for blogs to come on our Anypoint Platform June 2016 release, where we’ll highlight:

  • Mule 3.8
  • Anypoint Exchange
  • And our new user experience

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