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Studio’s Visual Debugger allows you to run your application in Debug mode, stopping execution to check the contents of a message at previously-specified building blocks.

To do this, you set a breakpoint at any building block in your flow that you wish to check or test. When you run your application in Debug mode, the application stops immediately after executing the building block with the breakpoint. Using the Mule Debugger View, you can browse through the contents of the message as it exists at that point in the flow, and evaluate Mule Expressions against the message.

Training Talk – Episode 3

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Let’s first review the steps you need to follow To start using the Visual Debugger in Anypoint Studio:

  1. Set Breakpoints breakpoints on building blocks in your application.
  2. Run in Debug Mode the application in Debug mode.
  3. View Message Data at a Breakpoint and/or Evaluate Mule Expressions the data in the first building block with a breakpoint.
  4. Resume application execution.
  5. Repeat step 3 with the next building block with a breakpoint, if any.

In this Training Talks, Ethan will show us what to do when after setting a breakpoint, the flow is not stopping at the debugger, what are some possible causes and how to fix it.

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