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Because APIs make digital assets easy to reuse and deliver, APIs power virtually every digital experience. Even more important are the developers who create, connect, and translate APIs into digital experiences. Yet the experience provided to these developers is often just a static website with technical documentation about your APIs

Leaders in the API economy see developers as one of the most pivotal actors in their value chain. In the digital platform business model, APIs are the new product and developers are the new customer. That’s why companies are looking for ways to transform their developer portal into a personalized, digital experience that inspires developers and motivates them to take action. 

APIs are the new product. Developers are the new customer.

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Think of APIs as products with programs around them. Through these API products, businesses ultimately strive to create more value for their customers by empowering their ecosystem to co-create that value. The success of an organization’s API program, therefore, rests on their ability to ignite a vibrant ecosystem of developers who adopt these APIs and use them to create innovative applications.  

API portals allow developers to ship products faster

A foundational capability for delivering API products is an API portal, which enables organizations to publish APIs, promotes self-service, and fosters collaboration between API consumers and the business. However, simply publishing APIs in an API portal doesn’t drive internal and external adoption or create a thriving ecosystem around an organization’s APIs.   

For this, organizations must deliver targeted experiences designed to motivate API consumers to take action.  This is why, as part of our May 2019 launch of Anypoint Platform, MuleSoft introduced Anypoint API Community Manager

Anypoint API Community Manager

Anypoint API Community Manager combines a full-featured API portal and industry-leading digital experience capabilities, transforming how teams collaborate across the entire lifecycle of an API program. Until now, there has not been a single solution that brings together full lifecycle API management, personalization, forums, chat, support case management, and engagement analytics. For the first time, companies can easily build connected digital experiences for their API products, empowering anyone to quickly begin collaborating, and co-creating value with a broader ecosystem of developers, partners, and employees.

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