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I am excited to announce release 39 of CloudHub! This release is based on a lot of user feedback, and contains a beta of our redesigned user interface as well as one of our most requested features – CPU & memory.

Redesigned Experience

We’ve been hard at work the last few months building a revamped user interface which helps you be more productive and integrates seamlessly with the Anypoint Platform for APIs. We’re excited to preview some of that work today. You’ll notice a clean, modern interface that makes it easier to get things done. For example, the home page now provides easy access to your applications, settings, and logs at a glance. It now also has a handy summary of resource utilization and the number of recent transactions processed.

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We have also improved the logs page. While viewing live logs, you can now pause and clear log data, making it easier to debug. You can also switch between archive and live modes with a single toggle switch.

We’ve also improved deployment and settings in CloudHub. All functionality can now be accessed in the settings screen, making it easier to get things done without switching screens. You also can now enter application properties by copying and pasting, making it easier to configure.

To access the new UI and features, just click “Try out a beta version of our new look” in the upper right of your CloudHub console. Or you can simply go to

Resource Monitoring

Along with the new UI, we’ve added one of our most requested features: CPU & memory monitoring. On the home page, CloudHub now shows usage of workers at a glance, and a more detailed view is visible on the application dashboard. This allows you to understand better when you are close to hitting your capacity limits and when to upgrade workers.

Please note that if you have existing workers, you will have to restart them to gain these new monitoring capabilities.

What’s Next

We will be launching our new UI as GA in September. Along with this, we will be launching new single sign-on capabilities with the API Platform, allowing you to manage all your users in one place. This release will also include several other widely requested features, including the ability to define custom roles, support for multiple production environments and the ability to do single sign-on through PingFederate.

We’re excited to have you try out these new capabilities. So have a look, and we look forward to your feedback.