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Mule 3 had a ton of new improvements.  We’ve talked a lot about flows, cloud connectors and the like and offered webinars on each. Mule 3 also offers a new deployment model to support the deployment of multiple applications and hot deployment of those applications.

Are you looking to learn about how best to deploy Mule and Mule applications?  Should you deploy Mule standalone?  Should you deploy it on an application server? What are the pros and cons of each approach?

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If so you should take a look at our recent webinar:  Mule Deployment Best Practices.  This 45 minute technical webinar offers an overview of this new deployment model and how it can improve the reliability and maintainability of your applications.

Topics covered In this 45-minute technical webinar include:

  • The new deployment model of Mule 3.0 and different deployment topologies
  • Best practices for the deployment of Mule 3
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different deployment approaches
  • Management and performance considerations
  • An in depth demonstration of managing applications in Mule Management Console, a tightly integrated management tool for Mule ESB that provides visibility into performance metrics as well as fine-grained control of Mule

Ray Sayre, MuleSoft Senior Development Manager

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