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New year, new tips! But, before sharing this week’s Training Talks question, here’s a fun fact about one of our technical instructors, Poornima Sundararaman.

In grad school, Poornima worked on a software project for NASA to engineer a plant gardening robot that monitors and gardens hydroponic plants (tomatoes and strawberries to start with) in outer space for astronauts to consume. How cool is that?

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Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

In this week’s Training Talk, Poornima will address a commonly asked question regarding API access. When it comes to APIs, Anypoint Platform helps you manage your APIs inside API Manager, and it also allows you to create API portals and deploy them into Runtime Manager including tracking the analytics and reporting.

Training Talk – Episode 4

A lot of the time times when your developers are consuming APIs they need to open up your portal page to get more documentation and information about your APIs, and one of the common questions we get is “Where is the request API access button?”

In this Training Talks you’ll also learn:

  • Where to track and manage your APIs
  • How to engage with users through the API Portal
  • How to identify when your application has not been deployed

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