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It’s great times for the Mule Community with more and more Mule texts coming out. Today we’d like to highlight the just-released DZone Mule Refcard (free registration). It’s a great and concise PDF reference on Mule, and it’s coming from Jos Dirksen himself, the co-author of Open-Source ESBs in Action.

Don’t miss out on the Mule 2: A Developer’s Guide by our long-time friends Peter Delia and Antoine Borg. Special thanks to Antoine for being such an active Mule evangelist and community member.

And as a teaser, I’m currently reviewing the final manuscript of Mule in Action by David Dossot and John D’Emic. Even a quick look reveals so much cool action there that any self-respecting Mule should be eagerly awaiting this book to join the Mule shelf.

What else can I say? Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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