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Mule 3 GA is getting closer with each day, and brings numerous updates with it. Welcome a new member of the Mule family – a “Mule Application”!

What’s in the name? Some of you may have met this baby in its infancy before, or maybe were around to see it make first steps. Those would be even more pleased to see it running around today and welcoming you to play with it 🙂 What did the baby learn in the meantime?:

  • We can now name all our body parts (structure defined, app descriptor introduced, registry custom properties file added)
  • We can stand the cold, all packed up (zipped application archive) or run in our summer shorts (exploded app archive support)
  • We can ride our bike (on-the-fly app deployment), know how to get off it (undeploy at runtime), or even fix it on the go! (runtime app updates)
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Pretty exciting stuff, I must say 🙂 Meet the baby in the next public release, and enjoy some docs for now (free Mule account required). Follow the suggested links if things get moved around in the meanwhile: