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I’m happy to announce the release of Mule ESB 2.2.7 Enterprise. This release represents the most stable version of Mule ESB, with over 400 bug fixes since Mule ESB 2.2.1 Community.

This release includes several important improvements to Mule ESB that were developed in close collaboration with our customers:

  • The JDBC transport in Mule is now more flexible and enhanced with additional native support for database platform-specific features (for more info). Some highlights include:
    • Extended SQL parameter definition
    • Support for Sybase stored procedure calls
    • New SqlCommandExecutors to execute simple, prepared or callable statements
    • Support for retry policy on SQL command execution
    • New SqlStatementStrategies and factories
    • Support for stored procedure calls at inbounds
  • For Mule 2.2.7, the PGP Security module has been upgraded. Improvements include:
    • The cryptography library has been replaced with a newer, more robust library
    • Better performance and memory management when encrypting/decrypting large message payloads
    • Streaming support
    • Allow checking for expiring keys
    • Message compression
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Mule ESB 2.2.7 Enterprise works with all major platforms. For details see the release notes.

Current subscribers can download Mule ESB 2.2.7 Enterprise with Mule ESB Management Console from the MuleSoft customer portal. If you would like to evaluate Mule ESB Enterprise, click here to access trial versions of Mule ESB 2.2.7 Enterprise and the Mule ESB Management Console. These improvements will also be available in the upcoming Mule ESB 3.1 Enterprise release.