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It’s a holiday season, and we’re happy to give you Mule 2.1.2! This little Santa helper features over 50 bugfixes and enhancements. Even better, it’s hot in our documentation department, with a dozen issues resolved there and major work put into schema annotations for seamless configuration reference info lookup. Some other highlights include:

  • Enhancements to the Mule maven archetypes (e.g. overlay the wizard-generated sources over an existing project)
  • Embedded Mule distribution shouldn’t cause deployment problems now
  • Support for hierarchical Mule-Spring contexts is back (e.g. Mule-first vs Spring-first approaches)
  • JMS topic lookups from JNDI are much more robust now, among other jms improvements
  • A number of configuration enhancements backported from the Mule 2.2 branch less XSD schema changes (to preserve backwards compatibility with a 2.1.x line). Great for those willing to get some new functionality, but tolerable to a more verbose configuration in 2.1.2

Read full release notes here.

As always, report issues through JIRA.
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