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The development team is pleased to announce that Mule 2.2.0 is now available for download. This release includes:

  • Support for Spring Security 2.0 as a Security Manager inside of Mule
  • Support for a powerful new expression language for querying Mule information at run-time
  • Support for specifying a namespace globally so that it can be used by XPath expressions across Mule
  • New XPath extractor transformer, BeanBuilderTransformer transformer, XPath filter, and schema validation filter
  • Support for Spring-first Mule deployments
  • Fixes for the examples and an overhaul of the Bookstore example to use web services
  • Support for extensible SQL strategies
  • CXF web service proxying now supports attachments
  • CXF clients now pass custom Mule message properties correctly to the server
  • Native JMS redelivery counters if supported by a JMS server (with fallback to the old-style manual counts)
  • Improved JMS topic subscriptions support for SunMQ/OpenMQ
  • Improved JNDI lookup of JMS destinations having slashes in their names
  • Explicit control over JMS temporary reply destinations creation on a connector/endpoint level
  • Every inbound aggregator router now supports timeout and failOnTimeout for partial aggregations
  • Every connector now has a validateConnections configuration attribute, acting as a performance optimization hint
  • Fixed failures with some IBM J9 and JRockit versions when proprietary JVM optimizations were enabled
  • The remoteSync attribute has been removed and replaced by a more explicit sync/async configuration of the endpoints
  • Clarified and cleaned up message property scopes and precedence
  • Simplified endpoint configuration
  • Clean up of the use of OSGi rebundled dependencies
  • Improved and expanded documentation
  • Many bug fixes and increased test coverage

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If you have any feedback on the release, we'd love to hear from you. Please see the Getting Involved page for ways to contact us.