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In this episode, MuleSource Sr. Director of Engineering speaks with Edwin Tellman, creator of The Science Service Bus (SSB). As the name implies, the SSB allows programs to send data to each other and serves as a translator service, translating the data from the format preferred by the source application to the format preferred by the destination application. It is inspired by, and is backwards-compatible with the Gaggle program

Listen to the podcast to learn about the SSB, what’s on the horizon, and who can benefit from using it.

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About Edwin: Appalled by the idea of dissecting frogs and fetal pigs, I never took biology in high school or college. But I recently discovered that biology is more often about slicing and dicing genes, proteins, and data, and no scalpels are generally required. I’ve now read a few books and papers about bioinformatics and have learned just enough to usually understand the biology-related articles in “Scientific American.” During the day I work for a small Seattle-area Scrum tools and consulting company, trying, in the words of Ken Schwaber, to “slightly reduce suffering for software developers.”