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In order to use the hot deployment feature that was introduced with 3 you need to package your application as a zip file.

If you are using Maven to build your Mule applications then packaging zip files for hot deployment is very easy. All you need is to declare your packaging to be Mule:

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and of course you need to declare the appropriate plugin that provides you with the Mule packaging:

Put your Mule configuration in a file called mule-config.xml and put this file into src/main/app in your project. Run mvn package on your project – that's it.

Declare your dependencies as usual. Mule dependencies will not be packaged into the hot deployment zip. Check the documentation for more information on dependency management.

If you want to automatically deploy your project when you run mvn install just add this snippet to your pom:

Note that you have to point the MULE_HOME environment variable to your Mule distribution when you run mvn install.