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Management Console 3.1 ships with the brand new Flow Analyzer. Select your server, interesting flows, click start and enjoy seeing real-time messages passing through mule! Click on an debug and you will see the payload before and after each message processor of your flow.

Out of the box MMC will convert the payload to a string representation using custom toString method if any or by reflectively inspecting its individual fields. While in most cases this is sufficient an extension mechanism allows to customize this.

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By implementing some interface you can plug your own logic and choose which detail of your payload you are interested to debug.

To do this simply package a Jar file with your logic and bundle it as part of mmc-agent application. This Jar file will have to contain:

  • extensions.xml spring configuration file defining your classes
  • your implementations of MMC interfaces
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Simply drop this Jar under mmc-agent/lib, restart MMC agent application and enjoy your pimped flow debugging session!