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One of the key point of Mule ESB Management Console (MMC) is facilitating administration of your Mule instances.

On top of all the features we plan for next releases we are starting to think about Mule instance remote bootstrapping. The idea would be to facilitate installation/upgrade of whole mule instances on remote machines, including new ones.

Because the world does not need yet another agent, MMC could leverage SSH to remotely:
* push well known Mule distribution images (eventually customized)
* setup environment
* setup Mule
* start and register in MMC this fresh instance

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Mule instance installation becomes a reproducible automatized process leading to increased devops confidence.

This capacity could then be used associated with others MMC features:
* schedule Mule upgrade of a group of servers
* schedule start/stop of a group of servers
* downgrade a Mule installation in case of unexpected behaviour
* bootstrap/start new instances to react to crashes/peak load (through alerts)

What do you think about this idea? Should we follow this direction?