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We’re happy to announce another great addition to our Mule iON platform today: role based access control. With it you can easily collaborate with other developers inside your organization, give access to support teams and limit account administration.

Imagine you need to integrate your SaaS service and You’ve built an integration and deployed it to Mule iON.  As your business matures, your internal staff also grows, and now there are other developers you need to collaborate with. At the same time, you’ve also got customers who are calling you about the integration – perhaps they have data mappings which are out of date, the Salesforce API is unavailable, or their secure data gateway was disconnected. How are you going to handle these scenarios?

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Role based access controls solve this problem by allowing you to share applications between multiple accounts and give different levels of access to different individuals. This makes it easy to collaborate on integration projects with other developers and give access to support teams so they can have a read only view to diagnose and triage issues that occur on day to day basis.

You can get started using these features today by going to your Account Settings and clicking the Organization tab. From there you can invite new users and give them administrator, support or developer access to your organization.

For more information, see the user’s guide section on Managing Users and Roles or our release notes.