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Messaging is used to help organizations provide reliable, zero message loss environments, to decouple applications, enable scale, and to unlock data for broader distribution.  It’s a critical pattern for most enterprise architectures.  In healthcare, for example, a messaging pattern might be used to create a buffer between the electronic medical records system and any number of consuming applications who need to know when a patient record has been updated.  Or in retail, a messaging pattern might be used to ensure a customer can have a seamless experience as they modify their shopping cart across, in-store, web, and mobile channels.  

Until now, however, most messaging has been driven by on-premises technology requirements.  As more and more connectivity moves to the cloud or becomes hybrid, the ability to deliver messaging patterns in the cloud becomes increasingly important. That’s why MuleSoft created Anypoint MQ, and we’re going to be demoing it in a webinar on March 31, 2016, hosted by Senior Product Manager Vivin Nath.

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Imagine this scenario:

You have have process in place for updating customer records in your cloud CRM — updates that both your on-premises master customer DB and your on-premises ERP (SAP) need to consume to keep customer data across systems consistent.  Rather than sending every customer update to each system individually, an unreliable and error prone pattern, you could instead set up a message exchange. Through this exchange, your DB and ERP systems could subscribe to any published customer updates, pull these messages down into their respective consumer queues, and process the messages at their own pace.  By putting rules and logic in place to ensure the messages are indeed received and processed, you’d be able to create a highly reliable delivery system.    

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You can do this and much more with Anypoint MQ.  In our upcoming webinar, Vivin Nath will show you how. Register today!