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In this installment of our MuleSoft webinar series, we discuss  how to identify legacy assets within your organization, synchronize between modern and legacy systems, and service-enable legacy applications with APIs built through MuleESB.

A little bit about SOA

Effectively implementing a Service Oriented Architecture approach within your enterprise can help deliver faster time to ROI through increased agility.

The reality of legacy systems

Today, a large amount of and processes are tied up in legacy systems, which are difficult to access and modify due to a lack of modern interfaces and a scarcity of available expertise to work on the system. Legacy systems house critical information and functionality that need to be accessed by other systems and people.

With demos and detailed discussions, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify legacy assets within your organization
  • Move data in and out of legacy systems without downtime
  • Wrap legacy applications with APIs to capitalize on existing investments


Steven Camina, Senior Product Manager, MuleSoft

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