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Another reminder that tomorrow we have a really interesting webinar on how to graphically design data transformations between XML documents and Java objects using Mule. Instead of coding complex XSLT or custom Java classes, you can now simply drag and drop right from the Mule IDE!

Join Francis Upton, creator and Despot of the Oakland Software Data Transformer (OSDT) for Mule and myself for a webinar on Graphical Data Transformation for Mule ESB tomorrow.

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This webinar is primary geared towards developers looking at what Mule can do, or expanding their uses of Mule. Highlights will include:

  • An overview of OSDT for Mule
  • How to transform a complex XML document to Java objects without coding
  • Productivity features like automated regression testing, map inheritance, and incremental map execution

Tuesday, April 14th 2009
9am PDT / noon EDT (find your timezone on World Clock)
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