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We recently pushed out an update to iON which makes building APIs in the cloud better than ever: zero downtime upgrades. Without you having to do anything, we ensure that your application is able to continually serve requests while you’re updating it.

The way this works is simple. Let’s say you have version 1.0 of your application in production and you’re about to release version 2.0. Because version 2.0 may take a few moments to start, iON will keep version 1.0 running while version 2.0 starts. Once version 2.0 is fully started, iON will update your domain name to point to your new Mule instance and shut down version 1.0. With no operations team at all, you’ll have managed to implement what many API providers find extremely challenging to do!

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You’ll see that while your application is updating, your application status will be green, but with an up arrow, indicating that it is being updated:

What happens if your deployment fails? iON will keep your old version running while you get a chance to look at your logs and correct the problem. You’ll know that this has happened by the warning label that appears next to your application:

We hope that you enjoy this feature. It makes building APIs a snap!