Introducing APIhub

December 11 2012


It’s no secret that we are in exciting times where we’re witnessing an incredibly rapid proliferation of APIs and with this has come great challenges. There is no standard place for discovering APIs, nor is there a trusted partner for API publishers – there are many little players trying to solve small problems in silos and this is leading to more and more dis-aggregation of the API landscape. So what is needed now is some sort of a “hub” to bring it all together. This need for something to be brought together isn’t a new trend by any means; books and e-commerce had Amazon, social had Facebook and software development had GitHub. What all these hubs had in common is they shared the following characteristics:

  • They were all the leading repositories/sources of data and content in their respective fields
  • They were the one stop place for consumers of their respective service/products
  • They were the place for providers/publishers to engage with consumers in their respective fields and they were, and continue to be, platform leaders in their respective fields by providing marketplace services and fostering communities (e.g., Facebook Apps and Ads, GitHub repos and Amazon Marketplace)

So Amazon ended up being the defacto e-Commerce destination for both buyers and sellers; Facebook for people needing to connect and companies needing a social strategy, and GitHub for everything developers and enterprises looking to share code. How about APIs? Till date, there has not been a place for  “everything APIs”…until now!

It is with great excitement that I’d like to introduce APIhub.

So what problems does APIhub solve?

Let’s first talk about how the API landscape is broken. Developers don’t have a centralized location to discover, learn, test and use APIs; while publishers don’t have a trusted place to document APIs, engage with developers, manage and monetize their APIs.

So with APIhub, we are approaching these two unmet needs as two sides of the same coin: APIhub is a place for the discovery and consumption of APIs, as well as a platform for the publishing and management of APIs. This is one of the pillars of Mulesoft’s strategy for connecting the New Enterprise.

What can you do on APIhub?

With new APIs added daily, APIhub is the world’s largest API repository  and serves developers and API publishers by providing a powerful publishing and community platform along with consoles and developer tools to insure rapid API adoption. So if you are a developer and you are looking to search for photography APIs, feel free to browse the photography category on APIhub – and like this we have over many more categories and filters. We’ve taken great effort towards producing a rich ontology and taxonomy of describing APIs. The best part about this is that you can really get into the guts of an API by exploring objects/resources, their methods and experimenting by making calls and seeing the response workloads.

Developers also have the opportunity to stay close to their peers and communities of publishers through a host of interactive tools and collaboration mechanisms. For providers, APIhub is a place for you to publish your APIs – and you can do this by using the “Add an API” functionality where you can make use of the entry form, or upload a standard Swagger JSON spec, or import a WADL – more formats to come!

Thrilled to announce Box as our Launch Partner!

Speaking of publishers with large ecosystems –  we are pleased to announce that Box is partnering with us as a launch partner by publishing their API – go ahead and explore the Box API, make some test calls and check out their API in detail. Rate their API, provide feedback back to them, put down some tips and tricks and don’t forget to follow them! By published on APIhub, Box has immediate access to an extensive ecosystem of developers and publishers alike and the ability to channel updates, news and changes on their API through APIhub – how great is that!?

So, what are you waiting for?

Please go and search for APIs, play around with the interactive consoles of Box, LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub or Twitter – and keep an eye out for more and more consoles getting added every day and if you don’t see one then please request for it. You may even rate an API, add some comments or tips and tricks and above all, if there are any APIs you feel you should be the custodian of then please “Claim” them.

We have an enormous repository, in fact the world’s largest by a huge margin and we’re continuing to add more APIs everyday so keep an eye out for interesting featured APIs, news and trends. Don’t forget to follow your favorite APIs and report issues to your favorite API providers either!

APIhub is finally what the industry has been looking for, a hub, for “everything APIs”. Remember, APIhub is for the community to come together to consume and publish APIs in a collaborative manner, to exchange best practices, and above all to allow each other to be good API citizens. I’m very excited to hear your feedback as we continue to refine our feature roadmap and continue to add more and more exciting features so please do contact me with any comments, questions or feedback. You can try APIhub now!