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Our group of MuleSoft experts is growing and we’re excited to introduce eight new MuleSoft Ambassadors as part of our first 2021 cohort. These developers and architects contribute to our vibrant Developer Community and eagerly mentor others on their MuleSoft journey. Becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador is the highest achievement a Community member can attain, it requires commitment and consistent demonstration of their expertise, engagement, and enthusiasm to maintain our Developer Community as the best place for integration practitioners to learn. As such, these developers and architects lead MuleSoft Meetups, write their own blogs and contribute to MuleSoft’s blog, create video tutorials, and make many other impactful contributions — with the goal of mentoring and helping other developers succeed. 

Each of the eight individuals below have positively impacted the MuleSoft Community in a multitude of ways. They are multi-MuleSoft certified, are frequently featured in our quarterly Community Roundups, have spoken at MuleSoft CONNECT or MuleSoft Summits, host countless Meetups, and share their knowledge in innovative ways. Our new cohort includes developers and architects from MuleSoft customers and partners all around the world! This 2021 cohort will join our 20 current MuleSoft Ambassadors bringing us to 28 in total.

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Learn more about each of the eight new MuleSoft Ambassadors and how you can become an individual contributor to start your own journey. 

Introducing our 2021 MuleSoft Ambassador Cohort

Carlos Reinoza, CEO and Co-Founder of Torei Consulting

Carlos Reinoza is one of the most active Meetup Leaders in our program hosting Meetup events in Panamá City and Lima biweekly. He has been a leading member of the MuleSoft Community for over six years and is eager to answer questions about Anypoint Studio, API-led connectivity, and more. Carlos is a MuleSoft Certified developer and architect and is most enthusiastic about collaborating with others to teach and to learn.

Edgar Moran, IT Apps Engineer at Twitter

Edgar Moran is a top contributor on ProstDev and DZone as well as is frequently selected as a top Community contributor in our quarterly roundup. He is an expert in Salesforce integrations with MuleSoft with over 12 years of experience as a Salesforce Developer. Edgar also frequently shares his expertise at San Francisco and New York Meetups. His goal as a MuleSoft Ambassador is to mentor others and provide feedback to make MuleSoft the best product it can be.

Eduardo Ponzoni, Enterprise Integration Practice Manager at Datacom

Eduardo Ponzoni is the Auckland Meetup co-Leader and frequent speaker for the São Paulo Meetup group, as well as many others. He has led multi-disciplinary development and architecture teams through a number of successful integration programs, helping clients across several different industries to achieve their goals. Eduardo has also contributed top-performing posts on the MuleSoft blog. 

Guilherme Pereira, MuleSoft Practice Lead at Harpia Cloud

Guilherme Pereira has over seven years of MuleSoft experience and five MuleSoft Certifications. He is the São Paulo Meetup co-Leader and hosted the MuleSoft LATAM Summit Meetup in 2020. Guilherme is an active contributor to the MuleSoft Community and aims to help as many integration practitioners as possible learn Mule. He is excited to expand his contributions to other mediums, including blogs.

Jitendra Bafna, Sr. Solution Architect at Capgemini

Jitendra Bafna has been a voice of the MuleSoft Community for over five years. He is a leading contributor on DZone, the Surat Meetup co-Leader, and runs a successful YouTube channel diving into some of the toughest MuleSoft questions. Jitendra is also a top MuleSoft Forum contributor and mentor to hundreds. He believes that sharing knowledge is the best experience anyone can have and his goal is to continue helping the MuleSoft Community thrive.

Jose Ramon Huerga Ayuso, Sr. Manager- MuleSoft Architect at Cognizant

Jose Ramon is an expert in Anypoint Platform, specializing in architecture and API management. He speaks at international conferences about MuleSoft, writes high-quality blogs, and is a leading member of the Madrid Meetup group. Jose Ramon holds four MuleSoft certifications and prioritizes continuous improvement of his skillset to help customers in EMEA meet their business goals.

Mary Joy Sabal, Integration Technical Lead at Datacom

Mary Joy is multi-MuleSoft certified holding both Architect and Developer certifications. She is the Wellington Meetup co-Leader and frequently speaks at Meetup events all around the globe. Mary Joy spoke at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now in 2020 and this fueled her passion to mentor others through high-quality blogs and support on all MuleSoft Developer social channels. She has also contributed to the MuleSoft blogs a few times. 

Thiago Santos, MuleSoft Architect at Roche

Thiago Santos is a prominent Meetup speaker for the Toronto and São Paulo Meetup groups with experience speaking at MuleSoft Summit events and sharing his expertise in English and Portuguese. He has over 20 years of experience integrating healthcare systems at large companies all around the world. Thiago is most excited to continue sharing his knowledge with the MuleSoft Community to help all members stay up to date with the newest cutting-edge features of Anypoint Platform.

You can learn more about our other amazing 20 MuleSoft Ambassadors here!

How can you become a MuleSoft Ambassador?

Reaching the status of MuleSoft Ambassador is no easy feat. Each of these developers and architects are mentors to thousands of MuleSoft Community members. Our MuleSoft Ambassadors all began their journey as individual contributors, eager to share their knowledge, and gain recognition by their peers as mentors in the Community. As such, every community member has the opportunity to prove they deserve the MuleSoft Ambassador title.

Here are some ways to get started below:

  • Participate in MuleSoft Meetups: Attending upcoming Meetups whether virtual or in-person, is the first step. If you have content you think would benefit the Community, apply to be a speaker here! Interested in starting a Meetup group or becoming a leader? Apply here.
  • Contribute: The best way to spread knowledge is by making contributions to our Community. This could be by writing blogs of your own, creating video tutorials, or sharing example use cases. When you do, tag @MuleSoftDevelopers on LinkedIn for a chance to be featured in our quarterly Community Roundup. You can also submit your content here.
  • Become a top MuleSoft Forum helper: Answering Community members’ questions on the MuleSoft Forum is a great way to share your expertise and earn recognition as a source of expertise in the MuleSoft Community. Each quarter we look for the top three or four contributors on the Forum to feature in our Community Roundups!

Learn more about all of our Ambassadors on our MuleSoft Ambassador page