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This past quarter was filled with MuleSoft Meetups, regional Summits, new MuleSoft Mentor cohorts, and great community contributed content. Below, we’ve put together a roundup of the best blogs, YouTube videos, social influencers, and forum helpers from the MuleSoft Community throughout Q3.

Earning a feature in our Community Roundup is a great accomplishment and means these Ambassadors, Mentors, and other Community contributors have helped our Community significantly. If you are interested in sharing your own blogs and videos, tag us on LinkedIn using @MuleSoftCommunity or submit your content.

Special shout outs

LATAM Summit

During the LATAM Summit, Guilherme Pereira, MuleSoft Ambassador and Integration Architect from Infomentum discussed how to protect sensitive data using APIs in the São Paulo, Brazil Meetup Group.

EMEA Summit

The MuleSoft Community in EMEA held four Meetups as part of the EMEA Summits in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Check out the highlights from each of the Meetups below: 

  • Paris, France: Thierry Fourquet, Development Operations and Jeremy Gautier, Chief of IT projects, both at Eutelsat presented how Eutelsat utilizes MuleSoft
  • Munich, Germany: Alexander Redl, Head of Architecture & Solutions at CKW AG shared how MuleSoft thrives in the energy industry. Igor Repka, Senior Technical Architect at MuleSoft and Chinmaya Ranjan Sahu, Technical Architect at MuleSoft  discussed event-driven architecture
  • Milano, Italy: Elena Ciscato, Senior Training Advisor and Gonzalo Marcos, Senior Technical Architect, both at MuleSoft offered guidance on MuleSoft training options.
  • Madrid, Spain: Gonzalo Marcos, Senior Technical Architect at MuleSoft and Alberto Ruiz Orejudo, Senior Manager at Minsait shared API monetization tips and an introduction to Anypoint API Community Manager.

MuleSoft blog features

This past quarter, our MuleSoft Community contributed amazing content on career development and real use cases to the MuleSoft blog. Check them out below:

Pros of the quarter

Each quarter, we feature a few MuleSoft Certified Developers and architects who share their MuleSoft journey and offer tips for anyone looking to become MuleSoft Certified. 

Rutuja Gupta, MuleSoft Mentor, Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Capgemini

“When I started attending Mulesoft Meetups and was introduced to MuleSoft, I was excited to learn. Once I realized MuleSoft’s incredible potential in developing integration, it inspired me to stick with the MuleSoft ecosystem. Being MuleSoft Certified definitely indicates mastery in the specific areas of the certifications and has fueled my career in many ways.

Whereas growing into this superb MuleSoft Community, I felt that I ought to share my knowledge because I strongly believe that “commencement of knowledge and information will increase by sharing it!”. So, I started writing blogs to assist the spirited MuleSoft Community.”

Brittany Kota, MuleSoft Developer at Revelant Technologies

“As a Medical Laboratory Scientist with absolutely no IT education or experience, I was intrigued by the solutions that MuleSoft provided for bridging IT delivery gaps and integration of a wide range of useful applications.  I started the self-paced (and FREE!) course on the MuleSoft website in March this year.  Many times I had to pause and Google terms that were foreign, and slowly I built more knowledge.

I quit my job in August to study MuleSoft full-time.  I had to learn the basics of SQL, JSON, XML, JMS messaging, etc. in order to better understand what I was doing in the MuleSoft space.  I have been able to connect with excellent Muleys through LinkedIn who gave me insightful and invaluable advice.  Finally, in September I passed the certification exam!”

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Community blogs of the quarter

Below are the best blogs from our MuleSoft Community published on their own blogs or platforms such as DZone and ProstDev that help other developers and architects solve integration problems or expand their MuleSoft skills:

Video tutorials of the quarter

These video tutorials were created by our MuleSoft Community members over the last quarter. They are easy to follow, range in difficulty level from beginner to advanced, and are another useful resource for our Community.

Top social contributor

Our MuleSoft Developer groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow our Community to stay updated, connected, and share their expertise with thousands of community members. This quarter, we would like to feature four accounts that provide high quality information to our community:

Check out their MuleSoft tutorials, tips and tricks, and ask questions!

Top helpers of the quarter

The MuleSoft Forum is a resource for developers and architects with technical questions in need of help from the MuleSoft Community. These three contributors on the Help Center are being recognized for the quality of their answers and willingness to help other community members with their toughest MuleSoft questions on the Forum:

  • Chetan Joshi, MuleSoft Mentor and Associate Solution Architect at Apisero who answered 374 questions.
  • Jitendra Bafna, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Solution Architect at Devoteam who answered 225 questions.
  • Scott Slibernick, Sr. Technical Instructor at MuleSoft with 143 contributions.

MuleSoft Meetups highlights

MuleSoft Meetups continue to grow at a rapid pace! This past quarter, some notable shout outs include:

  • We had 134 Meetups globally in Q3.
  • We welcomed new industry groups: Finance, Communications and Media, Nonprofits, and Higher Education.
  • We also revived Meetups in Ongole, India, Frisco, TX, Barbados, Seattle, WA,  Oklahoma City, OK.
  • The MuleSoft Community participated in the EMEA and APAC Summit hosting events with a great # of attendees in Hong Kong, Manilla, and Munich among other cities.
  • We onboarded 26 new leaders. 
  • We have great participation from new groups such as:
    • Richmond, VA talking about Getting Started with MuleSoft Integrations as a Cloud Engineer
    • Budapest presenting “MuleSoft in action” 
    • Stockholm presenting “SAP Connector vs JCO library – Exploring Mule XML SDK”

As you can see, this last quarter was fueled with awesome Community contributions and initiatives to continue connecting and learning virtually. Next quarter, we are looking forward to even more contributions. Join our MuleSoft Community to stay connected and continue learning. 

We also hope to see you at the first ever MuleSoft Transform event happening December 7, 2021 for the AMER region and December 9, 2021 for the APAC region. From product release deep dives to “Ask a Product Manager anything” sessions, MuleSoft Transform is a great opportunity to learn more about MuleSoft Composer and Anypoint Platform updates.