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We had another packed quarter in the MuleSoft Community! With multiple special Developer Meetups during MuleSoft CONNECT:Now, a record-breaking numbers of Community-led MuleSoft Meetups, and continued high-quality contributions of blogs, tutorials, and more. Below we highlight some of the best content from MuleSoft Ambassadors, customers, and partners that was contributed to the MuleSoft Community between August and October. 

Additionally, in Q3 we announced the first-ever MuleSoft Hackathon happening virtually Oct. 22, 2020 through Nov. 29, 2020. This is a great opportunity to become a Community contributor, meet others, and have an opportunity to win awesome prizes. Registration is still open! Please note the following eligibility criteria: No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Contest runs from October 22, 2020 at 9:00 am PT and ends on November 29, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT. Open to legal residents of the U.S. (incl. D.C.), Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada (excl. Quebec), France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, and the U.K. Must be 18+ (20+ in Japan). Restrictions apply. See Official Rules.

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Earning a feature in our Community Roundup is a great accomplishment and means you have helped our Community in some way, whether by answering questions, providing tips and tricks, or mentoring other MuleSoft Developers and Architects. We are always looking for new contributors to feature. If you are interested in sharing your own blogs and videos, use #MuleSoftDeveloper on social media, post on @MuleSoftDevelopers, and submit your content here!

Special shout outs

MuleSoft CONNECT:Now events

MuleSoft, once again, reimagined MuleSoft CONNECT virtually. This time we held three 90-minute virtual events packed with content to inspire developers and architects. Each MuleSoft CONNECT:Now event in EMEA, Americas, and JAPAC featured a special Developer Meetup with technical presentations by MuleSoft customers and partners from our vibrant Community. Learn more about each Meetup and watch the recordings!


The MuleSoft CONNECT:Now series began in EMEA and our Developer Meetup featured MuleSoft Ambassadors, Felipe Ocadiz, IT Integration Engineer at Twitter, and Francis Edwards, Integration Analyst at Saint-Gobain. Felipe presented “How to become an Anypoint Studio ‘ninja’” and Francis presented “Other useful integration tools in addition to Anypoint Studio.” Watch the EMEA Meetup.


Following EMEA, our Developer Meetup in Americas featured Brad Ringer, Principal System Engineer at AT&T who shared AT&T’s journey implementing Runtime Fabric in “MuleSoft Runtime Fabric: The road to success.” He was joined by MuleSoft Ambassadress Alexandra Martinez, Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits in Glass. Alexandra shared “Reviewing a complex DataWeave transformation” and provided a detailed demonstration of this topic. Watch the Americas Meetup.


JAPAC concluded the MuleSoft CONNECT:Now series and our Developer Meetup was highly technical. Mary Joy Sabal, Integration Technical Lead at Datacom, share how to use Maven Archetypes to build a MuleSoft API Project Template and MuleSoft Ambassador Sravan Lingam, Consultant at Virtusa, provided a demonstration of how to build a virtual Tic-Tac-Toe game using Object Store v2. Watch the JAPAC Meetup.

MuleSoft Summits

In addition to hosting Developer Meetups at CONNECT:Now, we also hosted a few special Meetups during MuleSoft Summits in LATAM and Germany.

LATAM: Brazil, México

As part of the MuleSoft Summit- LATAM, we hosted two Developer Meetups: one in São Paulo, Brazil and the other in México City, México. 


Thiago Santos, MuleSoft Integration Architect at Roche, presented on message delivery and availability guarantee.” He was joined by Marcelo da Silva, Solution Engineer at MuleSoft who presented on API Community Manager best practices. Watch the São Paulo Meetup (in Brazilian Portuguese). Thank you to our local leader Guilherme Pereira for making this happen!


In México City, Miguel Martinez, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Principal Solutions Architect at OpenLogix, presented on how to optimize the process of CSV archives. Watch the México City Meetup (in Spanish). Thank you to our local leaders Aaron Araiza, Alan Muñoz, and Ricardo Rodriguez for helping to set this up. 

EMEA: Germany

During the Developer Meetup at EMEA Summit- Germany, Demir Akarsu, MuleSoft Platform Engineer at BP, shared BP’s implementation and management of Runtime Fabric with a focus on CI/CD pipelines. Watch the Germany Meetup (in English). Thank you to all of our local leaders in the Munich group!

MuleSoft blog and developer tutorial features

We had some great technical use cases shared by MuleSoft developers on our blog! 

How to review concatenation functions in DataWeave 2.0

Written by Alexandra Martinez, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits in Glass. Alexandra demonstrates how to use various functions to achieve concatenation in DataWeave for different data types. This blog was also turned into a developer tutorial. Check it out here

How to implement API pagination patterns for single and composite result areas

Written by Eduardo Ponzoni, Enterprise Integration Development Manager at Datacom. In this blog, Eduardo explores how to deal with single and composite result sets by retrieving data out of a single data source as well as how to paginate results from two or more source systems.

Nine’s journey migrating from Mule 3 to Mule 4

Written by Joseph Trachman, Technical Development Lead at Nine. Learn how Nine reduced their time to run 19 million records from 1.5 hours to 8 minutes by migrating from Mule 3 to Mule 4 to improve their environment with minimal downtime.

How to create reusable DataWeave scripts for healthcare acceleration

Written by Tyler Haigh, DevOps Engineer at New South Wales Health Pathology. Following his presentation at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now Digital earlier this year, Tyler shares how NSW Health Pathology created reusable DataWeave scripts for healthcare acceleration. Using DataWeave and MUnit, NSW Health Pathology improved its healthcare messaging systems and overall patient experience.

Pro of the Quarter

Each quarter, we feature one to two MuleSoft-Certified developers and/or architects who share their MuleSoft journey and offer tips for anyone looking to become MuleSoft Certified! 

Meet the youngest MuleSoft Certified developer — Sri Aryan Chennupati! Aryan is 15 years old and recently completed the MCD Level 1 certification. He was mentored by MuleSoft Ambassador Sravan Lingam, his father Ram Chennupati, Sr. Manager at Capgemini, as well as Muleys. Here is what Aryan has to say:

“The self-paced training made sense, and I am very comfortable with MuleSoft. I quickly grasped it, and it was very intuitive. I am very inspired how MuleSoft recognizes everyone’s effort, for everyone across the world.” 

After becoming certified, Aryan has been training recent college graduates in MuleSoft to help his local village find jobs. You can read his story here!

Community blogs of the quarter

Each quarter we highlight the best blogs our MuleSoft Community has contributed to help other developers and architects solve their integration problems or expand their MuleSoft skills. These top 15 blogs are high-quality, educational resources for you to use.

Calling Java Class using Dataweave & observing different behavior of Java Static Method on Linux and Windows OS by Abhishek Bathwal, Sr. Solution Consultant at Apisero. In this blog, you’ll learn how to read a barcode from URLs or Base64 using DataWeave to call Java Class. Abhishek also covers differences in Java static method behavior on Linux and Windows OS. 

Dockerizing a Mule application by Ankit Lawaniya, Sr. MuleSoft Developer at UnitedHealth Group. Ankit provides step-by-step instructions to dockerize a Mule application using Maven and the Mule 3.9 runtime. He often shares other tutorials on his DZone account

Mule 4 Continuous Integration using Azure DevOps by Edgar Moran, IT Apps Engineer II at Twitter. Learn how a MuleSoft application can be automatically deployed into CloudHub or an On-prem server using Azure Devops as the main CI. He is a new contributor to the popular blog ProstDev run by MuleSoft Ambassadress Alexandra Martinez.

Integración: pieza clave en la transformación digital {Spanish blog} by Florencia Cattelani, Integrations Cloud Executive at CloudGaia. In this blog, Florencia provides an overview of MuleSoft including MuleSoft Connectors and Exchange as well as the importance of integration in a company’s digital transformation. 

Using security features in Mule 4 by James Scicluna, Java and Integration Consultant at Ricston Ltd. Learn how to use a number of Mule 4 security features including the Cryptography Module, the Secure Configuration Properties Module, and the Validation Module. James also dives into a Client-Server case study to demonstrate how to use these modules.

Creating a connector and consuming it from Mule Application by Jyoti Choudhury, Application Developer at Rogers Communications. Jyoti demonstrates how to create a custom connector using the Anypoint Connector DevKit to simplify the development of a Mule Application. He is also a new contributor to ProstDev!

Personalise your API ecosystem with Anypoint API Community Manager by Maharsh Kapadia, Technical Architect at WhishWorks. Maharsh provides an overview of the various features and capabilities of Anypoint Community Manager to increase engagement between developers and the broader API ecosystem. 

Transformative moments by Mitch Dresdner, Sr. Principal MuleSoft Architect at Steampunk Inc. MuleSoft Ambassador Joshua Erney inspired Mitch to explore DataWeave CLI ultimately leading him to share his experience using the tool as well as offer tips for others looking to get started with DataWeave CLI. Mitch also wrote a DataWeave “cookbook” with more technical examples. Check it out here

DataWeave Logging/ Print logs from DataWeave 2.0 by Nitish Jain, Application Developer and Consultant at IBM.  Learn how to print DataWeave logs directly in the output console after deployment without needing any additional logger components. This is Nitish’s first blog about MuleSoft and MuleSoft Ambassador Sravan Lingam was a great mentor for him throughout the process.

Compression Module Mule 4 by Riddhi Thacker and Vikalp Bhalia, both Consultants at Capgemini. Riddhi and Vikalp discuss how to compress files during an integration project using the Mule 4 Compression Module. They frequently write similar high-quality MuleSoft blogs together on DZone.

Import Mule Applications as project libraries for shared resources  by Rukhsar Praveen, Solutions Consultant at Apisero. Follow Rukhsar’s tutorial to learn how to import one Mule application into another Mule application to utilize their shared resources as project libraries. She also discusses how to add Maven dependencies to the Mule applications.

Salesforce Connect with Mule OData API by Sarah Khalid, Salesforce Technical Architect at MedPro Group. In this blog, Sarah describes how her journey to present a customer 360 view to a customer-led her to using Salesforce Connect and MuleSoft to store data in an efficient way. Sarah’s blog, Sarah in the cloud, is a great resource for developers looking to problem-solve with Salesforce and MuleSoft. 

Anypoint CLI by Shekh Muenuddeen, Sr. Consultant at Apisero. Learn how to utilize the power of Anypoint CLI in Anypoint Platform. Shekh demonstrates the various operations developers can perform using Anypoint CLI to connect on-prem servers and simultaneously deploy one or more applications at the same time. 

Using Digital Solutions to enhance Healthcare part 2- Healthcare integration in Mule 4 by Tanja Petrovska, Sr. Technical Consultant at InterWorks. Tanja details how her team built a Health Chat bot using MuleSoft to seamlessly integrate it with external systems requiring FHIR and EHR compliance.

RTF API Management by Vikas Parikh, Sr. Solutions Architect at Apisero. In this blog, Vikas provides a tutorial on API configuration and management in Runtime Fabric (RTF) to enhance functionality and reduce development time. 

Video tutorials of the quarter

Similar to the best blogs contributed, we also highlight the top video tutorials contributed by MuleSoft Community members over the last quarter. These video tutorials are easy to follow, range in difficulty level from beginner to advanced, and are another useful resource for our Community.

MuleSoft 101 by Akshata Sawant, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Sr. Consultant at Apisero. Akshata provides a detailed overview of Anypoint Platform, how to become MuleSoft Certified, and shares her own journey learning MuleSoft. 

Mule Migration Assistant | Mule 3.x to Mule 4.x migration by Ankur Parashar, IT Architect Analyst at UnitedHealth Group. In this video tutorial, Ankur dives into how to use the Mule Migration Assistant (MMA) tool to help migrate applications from Mule 3.X to Mule 4.X. You can follow along using example code he shares during the tutorial. Ankur creates a variety of helpful tutorials on his YouTube channel

MuleSoft SAP Connector Demo: Synchronous Remote Function Call by Arul ChristhuRaj Alphonse, Sr. Integration Architect at Cognizant. Follow along as Arul demonstrates how to use the MuleSoft SAP Connector to simplify the integration process. He also discusses the Synchronous Remote Function Call (RFC) and the role it plays when integrating SAP with MuleSoft. Arul creates many MuleSoft tutorials on his Tech Lightning channel

Anypoint Exchange is a free Maven-Based Repository by Jason Estevan, MuleSoft Ambassador and Founder of EsteSolutions. Jason shares how developers can use Anypoint Exchange as an artifact repository to easily allow usage by Mule applications. More useful and easy to follow tutorials are available on Jason’s YouTube channel

Implementing Dynamic Evaluate Components with MuleSoft by Jitendra Bafna, Sr. Manager at Capgemini. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement Dynamic Evaluate Components with MuleSoft as well as the advantages of using this feature in your work. Jitendra frequently shares tutorials on a variety of topics here

All about Object Store by Kirti Gurjar, Sr. Software Engineer at Yash Technologies. Learn more about the differences between Object Store v1 and v2 as well as various use cases for each. Kirti also discusses how to use the MuleSoft Object Store v2 Rest API. Find more tutorials on her channel Binary Programming

Solace PubSub+ integration with MuleSoft by Muhammad Aqib Memon, Sr. Software Engineer at Royal Cyber. Muhammad shares how to integrate Solace PubSub+ with MuleSoft using REST and SMF protocol. He also demonstrates how to use the PubSub messaging pattern. Muhammad shares other useful MuleSoft tutorials on his YouTube channel Integration Bytes.

Scan MuleSoft 4 code using SonarQube rules by Sadik Ali, Solution Architect at Kellton Tech Solutions. In this video tutorial, Sadik demonstrates how to integrate MuleSoft applications with SonarQube as well as how to scan your code to create a custom mode to help developers follow best practices for Mule integration. 

Top social contributors:

Our MuleSoft Developer groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow our Community to stay updated, connected, and share their expertise with thousands of community members.

This past quarter, we had three MuleSoft Community members go above and beyond to answer questions, help spread the word about important MuleSoft news or events, and contribute their own work to support other developers and architects. 

Our top three social contributors of Q3 are: Alexandra Martinez, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits In Glass, Amit Singh, Salesforce Consultant at Deloitte India, and Sravan Lingam, MuleSoft Ambassador and Consultant at Virtusa. Alexandra’s most popular post was How to locally run the DataWeave Playground Docker image as well as she continuously promotes other developers’ contributions on social media through her ProstDev account. Both Amit and Sravan are being recognized for their creation of a MuleSoft for beginners program with their videos averaging over 1,000 views and their engagement on all social media channels. Sravan is also our most active social contributor and his posts average 200 reactions! 

Top helpers of the quarter:

The MuleSoft Forum is a great resource for developers and architects with technical questions requiring help from the MuleSoft Community. These four Community contributors on the Help Center are being recognized for the quality of their answers and willingness to help other community members with their toughest MuleSoft questions on the Forum:

  • Shekh Muenuddeen, Sr, Consultant at Apisero, with 604 contributions made during Q3
  • Abhishek Bathwal, Sr. Solution Consultant at Apisero, with 463 contributions made during Q3
  • Lalit Panwar, Sr. Instructor at MuleSoft, with 94 contributions.
  • Anurag Sharma, Technical Lead at HCL Technologies UK, with 47 contributions

We would also like to give a special shout-out to our moderators Ryan Andal and Manish Yadav, both MuleSoft Ambassadors, who keep the Forum running smoothly and are always ready to answer questions. 

MuleSoft Meetups highlights:

During Q3, we had a record number of MuleSoft Meetups, even as they continued to be held virtually around the world! Our Online Group English and Spanish continued to offer global virtual events for the MuleSoft Community and even offered a few special Meetups focused on Java and the MuleSoft Hackathon 2020. Here are a few highlights from all of the awesome virtual Meetup events this past quarter.

  • 106 Meetups happened in Q3 which is our new record for the most events in a quarter.
  • September broke our record with 44 Meetups in a month!
  • We introduced 30 new MuleSoft Meetup leaders in cities such as Las Vegas, Karachi, Madrid, Hong Kong, Austin, Dublin, and more!
  • Our Online Group English and Spanish hosted a new type of Meetup focused on MuleSoft for Java professionals to introduce new developers to MuleSoft and our Community. The Online English group had over 500 RSVPS!
  • To kickoff the first-ever MuleSoft Hackathon, our Online Group English hosted a special Meetup to help Community members register and learn more.
  • Meetups featured a variety of topics, but the most important throughout Q3 were: Runtime Fabric, DataWeave, Anypoint Studio best practices, and Mule 3 to Mule 4 Migration (MMA tool).

You can find all upcoming events here and be sure to join a local group or our global Online Group to be notified of all upcoming events. We also feature upcoming Meetups each month in a blog!

As you can see, this last quarter was fueled with awesome Community contributions and initiatives to continue connecting and learning virtually! Next quarter, we are looking forward to even more contributions. Join our Developer Community to stay connected and continue learning.