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I am excited to announce that our November release of the Anypoint Platform for APIs is now live. This update to the platform includes a variety of new features and workflow enhancements aimed at streamlining the process of managing APIs. These new features include the following:

  • Improved proxy configuration & support for HTTPS and load balancer scenarios
  • API version deprecation
  • Swagger file import & folder support in API Designer
  • Analytic tracking of policy violations

Proxy Configuration Improvements

As part of the November release of the Anypoint Platform for APIs we have also released a new version of the API Gateway, version 1.3 which you can download here. The new API Gateway includes enhancements that now make it possible to easily deploy API proxies in a loadbalancer environment as well as use a shared port for HTTP and HTTPS endpoint. Shared ports allow you to deploy multiple API proxies to a single gateway. As a result, we’ve modified the proxy generation interface in the platform. Please note, that to take advantage of these new updates to the API proxies you will need to use the latest API Gateway version 1.3. To learn more about configuring and deploying proxies in the Anypoint Platform for APIs you can find full documentation here.


API Version Deprecation

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API Version deprecation allows API owners to mark and API for retirement. This prevents any new users from requesting access to the API via the API portal. Any existing contracts with the API will remain active, however. You can access this feature from the API version details page as shown below. You can learn more about deprecation and managing API versions here.


Swagger Import & Folder Support in API Designer (Introduced as Beta)

We’ve added two major updates to the API Designer. First, the designer now support file import for both RAML and Swagger files. This makes it easy to share RAML definitions and other files with partners and API developers. If your team has existing APIs defined in Swagger they can now be easily imported and converted to RAML for use in the Anypoint Platform. Additionally, we’ve added support for folders which allows you to organize your include files for things like schemas, examples, and descriptions. Both of these features help to greatly increase your efficiency in designing and sharing your APIs.

Policy Violations Analytics Tracking

We have added support to the analytics system to now track API requests that violate policies. You can now create reports to track the number and type of policy violations by application and API. This allows you to quickly pinpoint applications that, for example, are violating their SLA terms and urge them to upgrade. To support these types of reports we have also added a new stacked bar chart type to the analytics system. You can learn more about these new chart types here.

The full release notes for this release are available here. To get started with all of these features today by logging into your existing account or creating a new one at