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It's the final stretch to close out 2021! This year, our community of contributors shared an abundance of news, valuable insights, unique perspectives, and helpful resources for you, our valuable readers. In case you missed any of the top content from the year, we've gathered our most-read articles from 2021 below. 

1. MuleSoft closes acquisition of Servicetrace

To bring MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to our customers, we closed on the acquisition of Servicetrace welcoming their team to our Salesforce family! MuleSoft RPA will complement MuleSoft by automating repetitive and manual tasks with reusable, personalized bots, allowing individuals to achieve end-to-end automation.

2. MuleSoft and Slack embody the composable enterprise

With the closure of Salesforce's Slack acquisition, we shared some exciting capabilities between MuleSoft, Slack, and Salesforce.

The body of a composable enterprise: While Salesforce is the brain behind Customer 360, MuleSoft is the central nervous system where all of the connected applications are the organs. Slack is the connective tissue that layers on top of this nervous system and connects the network of applications to the people that need to interact with them.

3. A visual language for digital integration

Software system diagrams often have many problems and finding the right balance of what and how much information to include is tricky. Global Field CTO & VP of the Digital Transformation Office, Matt McLarty shares how to visually capture the right information when integrating digital systems.

4. Say hello to MuleSoft Composer

Earlier this year, we made MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce generally available! This release enabled Salesforce admins to easily create connected experiences by securely automating integrations between Salesforce and other systems. The best part? They could do that all without writing any code.

However, MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce was just the beginning. Since then, we've focused on enabling innovation for and IT teams — beyond just connecting to Salesforce. Now, MuleSoft Composer is ready for the next step of its evolution with new capabilities in GA and more on the horizon. See the latest capabilities that are in general availability in this article, “What is MuleSoft Composer: What's GA and what's on the way.”

5. 4 ways to check if an array contains empty values in DataWeave 2.0

Running into fields that contain an array or null value? You're not alone! This top-performer from 2021 provides four functions to check if the field or any of the values inside an array are empty.

6. 16 new MuleSoft Connectors: Serverless functions, data integration

In this article, we announced 16 new connectors, enabling our customers to integrate data from new systems and technologies across MuleSoft Composer and . With some top requested ideas from the MuleSoft Ideas Portal, we included for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and AWS Lambda in this release.

7. How to connect to LDAPS using Java

Anypoint Platform provides an LDAP connector that can communicate with servers but it only supports LDAP over TLS communication mechanisms. This article shares a Mule flow that uses custom Java to get around these limitations. 

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8. When to use CloudHub vs. Runtime Fabric for high-performing Mules

This deep-dive article covers the underlying architectural differences between CloudHub and Runtime Fabric and how the underlying architecture affects the non-functional characteristics of deployed Mule applications.

9. 26 new Anypoint Connectors for IT and business collaboration

Our readers love Anypoint Connector releases! This article covers 26 new Anypoint Connectors from Amazon Alexa to Zendesk. Be sure you check out the full article because there are some exciting updates at the bottom, too, showcasing eight MuleSoft Composer Connectors and additional connector enhancements.

10. How to create a custom connector using Mule SDK 

This article shows how you can create your own custom connector using the new Mule SDK platform for Mule Runtime 4. 

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