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June, just like May, was an exceptional month for the MuleSoft Community: more than 1,800 developers and architects met at 28 Meetups across 11 countries – an absolute record. MuleSoft CONNECT in San Francisco was also a great opportunity to meet put faces on familiar names and hold an exceptional Meetup.

Read on to discover the best highlights from June 2019 and see what’s coming up in July!

Special shoutouts

Let’s recognize three of our community members who did great this month. Each of them gave a great presentation at our special Meetup at San Francisco CONNECT, and offered their time to answer questions from CONNECT attendees on our Community booth the day after.

Joshua Erney at MuleSoft CONNECT 2019

Joshua Erney, Senior Software Engineer at MS3 and MuleSoft Ambassador, made a great presentation during our San Francisco Meetup at CONNECT on the “do” statement in DataWeave, showing how it can be used to make new DataWeave code easier to write, and existing DataWeave code easier to understand. Check out Joshua’s slides here.

Anshu Mishra at MuleSoft CONNECT 2019

Anshu Mishra, Senior Integration Engineer at Atlassian, demonstrated how the integration team at Atlassian used some of their own products (JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Bitbucket, Bamboo, OpsGenie, JSD, SourceTree, and StatusPage) to manage and support MuleSoft integration projects. Check out Anshu’s slides here.

Chris Hepp at MuleSoft CONNECT 2019

Chris Hepp, Senior Programmer Analyst at G3 Enterprises, shared the story of his team’s journey with MuleSoft, from concept and design to go-live of 20+ integrations to/from SAP for a number of business-critical enterprise applications. Discover Chris’ journey with MuleSoft in this blog. 

The helpers of the month

This month again, we’d like to recognize the work of several community members who provided great answers to their peers:

Thanks to all these developers for making the MuleSoft Community a great place to learn and get help! Also, kudos to our amazing moderators Manish Yadav and Ryan Andal for always being there to help and keep the forums clean. 

The blogs of the month

Many great blogs caught our attention this month:

Mule 4: the Strategy pattern

by Joshua Erney, Senior Software Engineer at MS3 and MuleSoft Ambassador

The Strategy pattern is a design pattern in object-oriented (OO) programming. The Strategy pattern is useful if you have an algorithm in mind that can be broken up into two pieces: a base algorithm that never changes, and interchangeable pieces of functionality that can be fed to the base algorithm to perform a task.

DataWeave 2.2 and Apache Avro

by Manik Magar, MuleSoft Architect at AVIO Consulting and MuleSoft Ambassador

Mule Runtime 4.2 was released with the DataWeave 2.2 version. This adds support for Content (De)Serialization with Apache Avro. In this post, Manik takes a test drive of DataWeave 2.2 with Apache Avro.

How to Run Mule 4 In Docker Container

by Manik Magar, MuleSoft Architect at AVIO Consulting and MuleSoft Ambassador

In this post, Manik shows how to run a Hello Mule 4 application in a Docker container.

Using FIFO Queues to Order Messages in Mule 4

by Susmit Dey, Integration Specialist at Essential Energy

By using FIFO queues in Anypoint MQ and controlling the concurrency in a Mule flow, we can ensure the order of the messages in a Mule application.

Data Archival Simplified With MuleSoft

by Bhushan Patil, Senior Systems Executive at Eternus Solutions

Data Archival is paramount for any growing organization in the current business scenario. As the business grows, so do the challenges towards carefully managing and monitoring the ever-increasing data! Keeping tabs on this data has proved problematic for businesses that have never put an archiving system in place.

Creating a SOAP service using MuleSoft
by Suraj Kumar and Oishi Bhattacharyya, MuleSoft Consultants at Apisero

Much the same way as one would expose a REST service using MuleSoft, they can do the same for SOAP services. The procedures are very similar, but not without nuances. In this article, the authors get into the nitty-gritty of the process and also tests the service they will be exposing. This article is aimed at Mule 4 users.

Migrating to Mule 4

by Harish Kumar, Principal Architect at MetLife

Harish presented these slides at his latest MuleSoft Meetup in Tokyo, Japan.

Mule 4 basic template project application – securing YAML properties files
by Edgar Moran, Integration Architect at Sitetracker

Edgar explains how to encrypt sensitive information in your YAML properties files.

Upcoming Community Meetups

June was our busiest month ever, with 28 events! Congratulations and thank you to all our local leaders who made these events a reality, including two first-timers: Northern Jersey and Lisbon.

15 meetups have been scheduled in July and August so far. Please check the event pages for a detailed agenda and to register. Some cities sell out quickly, so don’t wait!

July 11th – TODAY!

July 13th: Noida, India

July 17th: Orange County, CA

July 18th: Manila, Philippines

July 24th: Charlotte, NC

July 25th: 

July 26th: Mexico City, Mexico

July 27th: 

August 1st: Sydney, Australia

August 8th: Warsaw, Poland

August 21st: Moscow, Russia

August 22nd: Raleigh, NC

If you’re not a member of your local group yet, make sure to join to receive notifications for upcoming events!


That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments. If you know a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.